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Nick: Nepotu'

Propunere:  1 Limita la Knife Blind, adica daca ati pus limita la armura, bagati si la Knife Blind.

                   2 Limita la bombele de infectie

                  3 Un beneficiu in plus dat adminilor care sa faca diferenta in joc dintre staff si player ( ex: dmg mai mare)

Altceva: Micsorati pretul la jet macar cu 20 de ammo...serios, puneti limita la orice ar ajuta un human + scumpiti preturile si acum ammo se face mai greu.

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1. Knife blink is pretty much the only thing zm can use against jet pack, plus since zm have knockback they also many times need that to get close to humans in the first place. Since zm are still quite a lot weaker then humans there is no point in limiting them further.

2. The limit for inf bombs is 6 which is not too much especially if you consider what I said previously about zm being weaker anyway.

3. Don't the see the point in giving extra damage to admins or similar that's what VIP is for.

jetpacks price is fine considering you get both a 500 damage extra, plus the ability to fly away to escape zm or inf bombs and you can sometimes collect someones else if they lose it as well.

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Am facut unele modificari in avantajul zombilor,astfel incat sa aibe mai mari sanse de a castiga runda,evident dupa unele schimbari pot aparea anumite buguri,nu e asa simplu

Unele dintre ele sunt pe aici: https://rangfort.ro/forum/topic/71347-noi-schimbarinew-changes-on-zmrangfortro/

sau https://rangfort.ro/forum/topic/71558-trip-mines-jet-pack-bazooka-vip/ (am asteptat o vreme sa vedem daca afecteaza in vreun fel modul de joc)

1. Nu vom adauga niciodata limita knife blink,dar vom face niste schimbari la armura

2.Este limita de 6 bombe de inf

3.Nu vom adauga niciodata avantaje adminilor(Un admin reprezinta server-ul,are doar skin si functii,care constituie un avantaj,care au de asemenea  o limita) , pt avantaje exista VIP

4.Jet-ul e ok la pretul asta momentan,vom mai face modificari la el oricum,cat despre ammo,de vreo saptamana se face mai repede, 1 ammo = 400 damage(a fost regulat intre 400-500, o singura zi a fost 250 si aveau o multime de playeri 10k ammo pe server)

Momentan facem niste schimbari si ma astept sa aveti putina rabdare


p.s Sorry for romanian answer only 


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