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[ACCEPTED] Cerere Upgrade

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Current Grade:Slot

The degree you want:Helper

Hours accumulated to the server:https://www.gametracker.com/player/Arkel/

Why do you want to upgrade?:I have read the rules.And i know them so good,even that i shouldn't be making a request right now,since i just got slot.But there are players,who try to use hacks,and not to obey the rules.I,everyone from staff dont want the game to be ruined.Thats why i want helper,at least to use the power to slay and kick (when not obeying.)The rest is to you.

Link from last request:https://rangfort.ro/forum/forum/12227-furien-cerere-admin-slot/

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I will give you upgrad

I think you will be a good admin, But if you abused use commands you will get remove




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