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1.Name: Rain's of castamere

2.Current grade: Helper

3.The degree you want: Moderator please :D

4.Hours accumulated on the server GameTracker: https://www.gametracker.com/server_info/

5.Why do you want to upgrade?: For more commands , i know that my old request was rjected bcs i used commands on player who was better than me ( but they really camped ) but now i have understanded the lesson and since i didnt do any commands only for who im sure that he commited an rules violation

6.Link from last request:


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On 8/21/2020 at 2:09 PM, Manel said:

For admin request you must have enough hours for grads you want


Slot ===> 5 Hours

Helper ===> 25 Hour

Moderator ===> 50 Hour

God ===> 75 Hour

Co-Owner ===> 175 Hour

Co-Owner + Beneficii ===> 20 Euro Permanent

Owner ===> 250 Hour

Owner + Beneficii ===> 30 Euro Permanent

Leader ===> 350 Hour

Leader + Beneficii ===> 40 Euro Permanent

3X Boost from admin [Moderator + Helper] ==> +2

3X Boost from admin [God + Above] ==> +1

3X Boost from players ==> Grad {God} Permanent

2X Boost from players ==> Grad {Moderator} Permanent

1X Boost from players ==> Grad {Helper} Permanent



You have only 35 Hour

Make another request after 15 day and if you reach to 75 Hour after 15 Day you will get GOD direct...


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