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# Your nickname: MA_revenge
# IP / Steam ID: 1549619460
# The reason you have been banned: cheat
# The admin who banned you: Mero^
# The time: 23:36:27
# Proofs ( screenshot of your console 😞

I don't lend capturing a screenshot, but this is what is written in the console

>>    Nick-ul Tau: MA_revenge 
>>    Ip-ul Tau: 
>>    Steamid-ul Tau: STEAM_1:0:1549619460 
>>    Motiv: cheat  
>>    Nume Admin: Mero^ 
>>    Ip Admin: 
>>    Steamid Admin: STEAM_0:1:208284117 
>>    Data & Ora: 04.10.2020 - 23:36:27 
>>    www.rangfort.ro/forum 
Kicked :"Ai fost eliminat de pe acest server, verifica-ti c

THANKS / Mulțumesc

!!! Applications which do not will be made depending on the model, will not be considered!

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Contra, first of all not Mero banned you, I did because you used bhop script on the server (which you still use), and the second reason is because you keep changeing your ip to reconect on the server even if you have ban

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You are curently unbanned due to ip change, we will watch you,if you use any script again i will take care you wont join again this server

On 10/15/2020 at 2:26 PM, Aya .^^ said:


you are not an admin of this server,dont post here

Topic Closed.

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