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[REJECTED] Cerere Upgrade

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Current Grade:Helper

The degree you want:Moderator

Hours accumulated to the server:https://www.gametracker.com/player/Arkel/

Why do you want to upgrade?:I would want to be a moderator,since i think i have done a pretty good work as an helper,i helped the community a lot i think,since i dont see a lot of admins online.I am pleased to be a part of the staff.

NOTE:The fact i made a request today,is that i saw an moderator named Crazy,who just had 8 hours activity.And i though i can get moderator too maybe :D

Link from last request:


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43 minutes ago, Arkel said:

since i think i have done a pretty good work as an helper


That really a nice reason for make upgrad request

1. At first request you broken rules and with that i accepted your request but that not mean you can make another request after somedays again

2. You dont have enough hours to be Moderator even after update [You have just 26 Hour]


Make another request after 15 day and read rules carefully

EDIT: Link Crazy ==> https://www.gametracker.com/player/Crazy/ 78 Hour you missed number 7






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