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1.Your Nick: BFG - For Big Friendlsy Giant 

2.The complainant's nick: russ

3.Date and time: pakistan time 12:58 pm 

4.Reason for complaint: ban me  With out reason 

5.Proof (accept only print to console / demo /snapshot): image.png.9b5e48a896212dfa81ace9dfeade2083.pngimage.png.9aa2404976e1c3f13c4bc54fc082aef2.png

6.Other: first kick 2 player and i say why kick no answer i kick him and say without reason kick he come again and ban me 

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Russ got remove "Use commands on other admins without reason"

35 minutes ago, pro yoyo said:

manel u have given him god permanent so u can remove or he will be permanent god? just asking for confirmation XD

He got permanent but that not mean didnt respect rules

That for all admins even who donate for his grad if he didnt respect rules will be removed or downgrad 



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  • Manel changed the title to [ACCEPTED] Report Admin
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