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Rules For Players:


1. You Are not allowed to stay afk in Base Kick

2. You are not allowed to use hacks/configs/scripts Ban Perm

3. You are not allowed to use offensive language o swear GAG 5 min

4. You are not allowed to advertise another server/forum/site BAN 120 min then Ban Perm

5. You are not allowed to swear STAFF, first punishment gag 30 min then ban 90 min

6. You are not allowed to retry after getting gag Ban 10 Min

7. Whoever offers, or ties to offer goods on the server for other goods outside the server will be banned and if he apart of the STAFF team he will be removed

8. It is forbidden to give information in the team chat GAG 30 MIn

9. u@ is only use to report cheaters 1 warn after Ban 30 min

10. STEAM ON players are not favored they are treated like other players

11. The game is FREE CT are allowed to rust T are allowed to camp in base every team respecting their duty T plant CT defuse


Rules for STAFF:


1. Admin abuse is punished with REMOVE or DOWNGRADE

2. the main priority of admins is to prevent possible cheaters and maintain a god vibe on the server

3. Players that have advertisements in their name site name/ip/other servers etc will be kicked

4. The Ban-list is MUST every ban will be accompanied by proof

5. You must be active in the complaints request & other staff based topic with a for / against your opinion accompanied by argument

6. To the question "Have you read the regulations  you must answer: I will read them and i understood

7. Forum your staff application you must put gametracker link so we can see how many hours you ve played

8. Admins that want to unban a player must have a higher admin`s approval first

9 Admins that illegally unban players will be removed 

10. After a staff application no matter the answer you must wait 7 days before submitting a new one

11. Admins will only play with their admin account or REMOVE

12. Admins must keep their password secret "borrowing" your account to someone will be automatically get your REMOVED

13 Permanent BANS must have solid proof and a good reason

14. Admins that use an offensive language will be warned or removed x1 warn or REMOVE

15. Admins that advertise oher server will be permanently removed & banned

17. Admins that use commands on other admins will be downgrade or removed

18. Admins are not responsible for a player scamming another player but if you get scammed by an admin you have proof he will be removed

19. If you are warned twice you will be downgrade or remove

Rules Update 17/12/2020 20:41 GMT+1 Timezone


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