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Nickname : Come Baby ;) ( acelasi King <||>)
IP / Steamid : / ( STEAM_1:1:1933138736 ). Nu reusesc sa dau ban decat pe ip si se pare ca intra inapoi. cand vreau sa ii dau pe ip steam zice: " You may only ban recently disconnected clients.  Use "amx_last" to view." (comanda amx_addban). Cand dau amx_ban "STEAM_1:1:1933138736" zice: Client with that name or userid not found
Motiv : aim
Dovada https://mega.nz/file/uU11BTDC#-P9QezLsTDvjDlEKF_D4GTZm2ESyIxyk8EmA9R01Y3Q

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