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    Welcome to our community ! Have a good time :)
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    Who are you? I am a demon with everyone and an angel to myself.
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    Nick : Shitty? Your name: Mohammed Age : 15 City: Cairo Country: Egypt Occupation: .. Favorite games: Counter Strike 1.6 - Battle Feild 4 - Far Cry 3 - Fortnite Hobbies: Nothing, you did not see my name ?? Short description about yourself: I am a Shitty guy, maybe i dont live.. How did you find out about Rangfort Community?: @Mero^ Friends in the community: Mero^ - No more.. Picture (not mandatory) : Closing phrase : Nothing
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    Acceptat. Pm cu nick si parola.
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    -> Minimum 100 forum posts. Of activity I can not say anything, you have some jobs there ... but not really, in the end The regulation states that you must have a minimum of 100 positions, do more topics in the section you want to activate there, then come back #CONTRA
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    //RO Daca aveti o propunere care credeti ca ar ajuta serverul aici este locul. Propunerea o sa o postati in acest topic dupa urmatorul model : #Nick : #Propunere : #Cu ce ar ajuta serverul ? : #Video / Poze (optional) : ------------------------------ //ENG If you have a proposal that you think will help the server here is the place. The suggestion is to post in this topic by the following model: #Nick: #Proposal: #What would the server help? : #Video / Pictures (optional):
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    Nick : asassinul Boost : 14:56
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    minim 20h ,reject
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    # Title :ZOMBIE PLAGUE 6.3 # Description :i'm editing it . I hope you like it There is now ITEM KNIFE and ITEM VIP. # Autor :Hattrick , JongLierulDePalaRii # Download : http://www.mediafire.com/file/ftfccbh6vtm0v94/Last_updated_ZP_6.3_Editing_By_TwOser_Gamer.rar # Plugins Hattrick-Protection.amxx advanced_weapon_tracers.amxx amx_freeze.amxx amx_parachute.amxx bot_memory.amxx bullet_damage_ranking.amxx gamemenu_resetscore.amxx hud_adverts.amxx Map_Spawns_Editor.amxx NewStats.amxx no_advertisements.amxx no_radio_spam.amxx pingfaker.amxx prochat.amxx silent_nades.amxx tags_api.amxx team_join.amxx zombie_plague40.amxx hatt_TripMine.amxx zp_countdown_remix.amxx zp_leader.amxx zp_rapture_reminder.amxx zp_zclasses40.amxx hartijucate.amxx tfts_transfer.amxx zp_new_Antiblock.amxx info_hud2.amxx savedammo.amxx ad_manager.amxx NewStats-Top15Motd.amxx itemknife.amxx informatii.amxx zm_vip.amxx SpecBots.amxx Radio.amxx Camera.amxx admindisplay.amxx ManagerMenu.amxx galileo.amxx ___________Item Vip__________ no_recoil.amxx zp_extra_goldenm4.amxx goldmp5.amxx Golden_xm1014.amxx zp_frost_m4a1.amxx Weapon_AK47_Balrog_Long.amxx azp_weapon_janus5.amxx azp_weapon_sfgun.amxx Elemental.amxx # Type : Zombie Plague # Parola Arhivei(optional):- # There Video about addons: