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    Last night with my boys → @blabla , @Skadi & @Vallentin Destiny 2 un joc care merita toti banii , frumos aranjat , story mode interesant si e si funny , am achizitionat si unul din cele 3 DLC-uri ( Forsaken ) , level 50 Hunter destul de OP caracteru dupa mine. Recomand acest joc tuturor.
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    Everyone that connects to ZOMBIE.RANGFORT.RO server has to comply with the following set of rules : General dispositions 1. First and most important rule: Always behave while playing on the server, respect other players and admins and don't start or take part to useless conflicts ! We're all here playing for fun, some of us even to relax after a long day at work so no bad behaviour will be tolerated ! 2. In case you get involved into a conflict, you feel vexed (irritated or annoyed) or you see someone who doesn't comply to the first rule, NEVER make your own justice. Report the incident to an admin, with a proof of course, or talk directly to the owners/founders. 3. Don't be very pushy ! Do not stress admins or owners with tons of requests, you have the forum for that and you should use it ! 4. Do not abuse of the u@ chat ! This chat should mostly be used for emergencies only ! Not complying to this rule may bring you severe punishments from admins. 5. Do not abuse of the kindness of admins or other players and don't help each other in situations which can ruin the good disposition of the other players ! Punishments Gag -For using a indecent language on the server -Spam -For being too pushy with absurd reason -For an inadequate behaviour on the chat The minimum recommended gag time is 5 minutes, depending of the gravity of the situation it can increase until 30 minutes. Admins should not abuse of this command. Slay -In case you protect a human while being a zombie -For respawn at one of the following modes: Armagedon, Assassins vs Snipers, Nightmare Mode -For rudely blocking other player ( Lasermine block is permitted ! ) -When you are a zombie and not attacking! Zombies should attack not run and hide. By not attacking multiple times the punishment changes into 3 consecutive rounds slay. - Do not extend the round for no reason when you are the last zombie ! You can get 3 consecutive rounds slay. Kick -In case you are spectating the game for no valid/good reason when the server is not full -When the server is full you get kicked with no further notice if you are caught spectating. -You are not allowed to use the microphone. First you get kicked and if it repeats you get banned. Ban Permanent bans are given for: -Any kind of hack -Using scripts which give you an unfair advantage towards other players. (BUNNYHOP made manually with scroll or space is PERMITTED ) -Intentionally advertising to other servers Bans between 30-120 minutes are given for: -Intentionally spamming the server -Retry after being gagged -Scandalous behaviour -Repeatedly breaking one of the rules above ATTENTION These rules may not cover all the things/events that are happening on the server, they are just some guidelines for you to follow in order for the game to be as pleasant as possible. If you ever have a complaint to make or something to add, please visit the forum or talk directly to the owners/founders.
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    [RO] * Pentru a primi slot, trebuie sa urmezi modelul urmator, in caz contrar cererea ta va fi respinsa * Varsta minima este de 13 ani * Trebuie sa ai macar 10 ore jucate pe server (daca esti prins stând AFK nu vei primi slot) * Titlul trebuie sa fie [Cerere Slot] Numele Tau * Numele : * Varsta : * Link cu orele jucate pe server ( Click ) * Alte informatii [EN] * You have to follow the following model, otherwise your request will be declined * Minimum age for slot is 13 * You must have at least 10 hours played on the server (if you're caught being AFK you won't get slot) * The title must be [ Request Slot ] Your Name * Nickname : * Age : * Link of hours played in server ( Click ) * Other Informations
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    Acceptat T/C Send me nume si parola
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    LIVE STREAM → Farming Simulator 19 cu John Deere & Spalatoria Fermieriilor xD
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    [RO] *Cererea de admin trebuie sa respecte obligatoriu modelul urmator altfel va fi automat respinsa. * Varsta minima este de 14 ani. * Trebuie sa ai macar 25 de ore jucate pe server (daca esti prins in repetate randuri ca stai AFK pentru ore cererea de admin este nula) * Titlul topicului trebuie sa fie obligatoriu [Cerere Admin] "Nickul tau" * Numele : * Joci CS pe Steam? ( Da , Nu ) * Varsta : * Experienta in adminat : * Motivul pentru care vrei admin: * Link cu orele jucate pe server ( Click ): * Alte informatii: [EN] * You have to follow the following model, otherwise your request will be declined * Minimum age is 14 * You must have at least 25 hours played on the server (if you're caught being AFK you won't get admin ) * The title must be [ Request Admin ] Your Name * Nickname : * Playing CS on Steam? ( Yes, No) * Age : * Experience as admin * The reason why you want to be an admin * Link with hours played on server ( Click ) * Other Informations
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    "Founder" X3 E.N.D viesSman "Manager Server" TheRipper No Mercy MASTER FLOTZIM "Admins Keeper" SPOOK "GOD" ARES "Archangel" "Devil" Hard "Demon" "HellHound" "Slot"
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    Acest topic se adreseaza strict adminilor. Incepand de maine problema cu meniul o sa fie rezolvata.O sa puteti accesa meniul de admin apasand tasta m Comenzile amx_gag,amx_ss etc ,nu exista,totul se face de acolo. Comenzile generale amx_slay,amx_kick le puteti folosi de unde doriti voi.
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    pro sa vedem cum te descurci orice om merita o sansa
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    Nick @Nazi Vlad@ Ora bostului 17 11
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    1. You didn t read rules, 2, I don t understand why you are making slot request when the server it s not 99 procent full
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    go read it now again Rules updated
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    Am ajuns level 46 si @Vallentin 36 continuam cu misiunile pana la 50 dupa ne alaturam voua Let's rock boys the game is freaking awesome <3
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    @Skadi E de când am jucat? Foarte tare printscreen-ul! De pus wallpaper! :)) Sper sa ia cât mai multa lume jocul și sa jucam între noi. Ii avem și pe @BlackPearl și @Vallentin
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    Acceptat. Pm cu nick si parola pentru acces
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    Acceptat. PM cu nick si parola pentru acces
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    // RO Regulamentul serverului ZM.RANGFORT.RO! BAN: Banurile permanente se vor da pentru: - cei care folosesc orice fel de hackuri ( wall, aim, speed, scripturi interzise ) - reclamele la alte servere, site-uri sau forumuri ( Doar cei care fac reclama pe chat, cei care au nick-ul genul reclama nu vor lua ban si nici kick ). Banurile de 120 minute se vor da pentru: - retry dupa gag - cei care aduc insulte / remarci rasiste la adresa oricarui admin / player - persoana care este ultimul zombie, daca acea persoana da retry. GAG: - folosesc un limbaj necorespunzator pe chat - ameninta ceilalti jucatori sau administratori - cer moduri / ammo in mod abuziv - fac spam SLAP: - Jucatorilor ce stau pe harta, in caz ca vor continua iau slay, jucatorii care raman ultimii si nu ataca. - La orice mod cand zombie nu ataca. SLAY: - Ucidem jucatorii daca acestia sunt AFK,fac bloc din nesimtire sau raman ultimii zombie si se ascund. - Procedam la fel cu ultimii zombie ramasi,daca acestia prelungesc runda in mod intentionat. - Exemplu de block din nesimtire: la runda armageddon,cand cineva lasa free pentru un prieten apropiat si ii blocheaza pe cei din spate. FREEZE: -Zombilor ce stau in apa pentru a prelungi runda. -Zombiilor care pe timp de mod sniper /survivor /armagheddon fug, se ascund, nu vor sa atace. VOTEMAP: - Doar in ultimele 5 minute, minim 3 harti. - Dupa ce votul s-a terminat,votul trebuie refuzat de catre adminul care l-a pornit si trebuie scris in consola: amx_nextmap "numeharta" la sfarsitul rundei. - KICK: - Nu aveti voie sa dati kick la playeri care sunt afk pe server doar ca sa intrati voi pe server, aveti voie doar sa le dati kick la cei care sunt pe spectator. - Intre orele 23:00 si 10:00 nu aveti voie sa dati kick la nimeni, chiar daca sunt pe spectator playeri. - Adminii au voie sa stea decat o jumate de ora pe spectator afk, altfel primiti kick. Adminii au voie ca si playerii sa stea afk la spectator intre orele 23:00 si 10:00 ( In programul noptii. ) - Nu aveti voie sa dati kick la playeri cu nick-ul de la alte servere atata timp cat nu face reclama pe chat, le schimbati nicku. - Cei care vorbesc la microfon primesc kick de 3 ori urmat de ban 60 de minute. -Playerii au voie sa stea spec in programul zilei numai cu un motiv intemeiat dand la cunostinta adminilor. Regulament general, jucatori si admini: ¤ Este interzis sa folosesti orice fel de scripturi gen bunny hop,no recoil,etc. ¤ Este interzis sa injuri(se include chatul adminilor). ¤ Este interzis sa ceri explicatii unui admin daca nu a folosit o comanda pe tine. ¤ Este interzis sa ceri moduri adminilor. Regulament admini: ¤ Este interzis sa abuzezi de comanda amx_vote doar pentru distractia personala. ¤ Este interzis sa te folosesti de comenzile slap,slay,kick freeze doar pentru a-ti avantaja situatia in joc. ¤ Este interzis sa te folosesti de comenzile slap,slay,kick,freeze daca persoana in fapt nu a incalcat nici o regula. ¤ Este interzis schimbarea hartilor in timpul programului de noapte ( 23:00 - 10:00 ) ¤ Aveti voie sa va dati 2 moduri din admin menu, si 1 la playeri. ¤ Puteti folosi 3 avantaje pe zi (human,respawn, zm) ¤ Nu aveti voie sa folositi comenzi (slap,slay,freeze,kick,change nick sau ban) in gluma pe alti admini, exceptie slay in cazul in care incalca regulile la moduri, cine nu respecta remove. ¤ Cine va cere up, va primi downgrade. Se da up pe merit si activitate. ¤ Nu va donati ammo sau puncte din consola exceptie owneri, remove. Donati doar la playeri ammo atat. GENERAL: 1. Jocul este liber in limita bunului simt. 2. Zombie: obiectivul principal: Zombie sunt obligati sa atace, nu au voie sa stea, pentru a fi omorati de catre un alt jucator pentru ammo. 3. Oameni: obiectivul principal: Oamenii sunt obligati sa elimine toti zombie. 4. Nu cereti in mod abuziv: jetpack, ammo, cine nu respecta va primi gag. 5. Nu cereti in mod abuziv: modurile jocului, survivor, nemesis, human etc. 6. La moduri nu aveti voie cu jetpack! [survivor/Sniper] 7.La moduri nu aveti voie cu LM! [survivor/Sniper] Dacă faceți o solicitare de administrator, răspundeți la întrebarea "Dacă jucați pe acest server, sunteți de acord că ați citit și înțelegeți regulile serverului?" cu: Oops am uitat! ------------------------------------ Regulament / Server Rules // ENG ZM.RANGFORT.RO server rules ! BAN: Permanent bans are given for players: - who use any kind of CS hack ( wall, aim, speed etc.) - ads on other servers , websites or forums (Only if they advertise on chat, player's with advertising names they will not be touched). Ban for 120 minutes are given for players: - who retry after gag - those who bring insults / racist remarks against any admin / player - The last Zombie in a round, if he leave's the server and joins back in (Retry). GAG: - use inadequate language on chat - threaten other players or administrators - ask for modes / ammo - make spam SLAP: - Players that are on the map, in case they continue they will get slay, zombie that remain last and dont attack. - At all mods when zombie's do not attack. SLAY: - We slay players if they are AFK,make block being rude or remain the last zombie and hide. - We do the same with the last zombie left,if they intentionally prolong the round. - Exemple of rude blocking: on the armageddon round,when someone lets free for a friend and he blocks other players. FREEZE: - Zombies that stay in the water to prolong the round. VOTEMAP: - Just after the vote at the end of the map that comes automatically (Only when the map isen't good). - After the vote has been completed,the vote must be refused by a admin and he must write in the console: amx_nextmap "namemap" at the end of the round. KICK: - Admins may not give kick to the player who are AFK on our server just for there purpose to enter the server , they are only allowed to kick player's staying spectator. - Between 23:00 and 10:00 admins dont give kick to anyone, even if player's stay spectator. -Admins are allowed to stay spectator (Like the players) between 23:00 and 10:00 ( In the night program . ) - Admins are not allowed to give kick to other players with s nickname from a other server as long they dont advertise on the chat. - Those who speak to the microphone will be kicked 3 times followed by 60 minutes ban . -Players are allowed to stay spec only if they tell to an admin the reason. Basic rules for players and administration of the server: - It is forbidden to use any kind of cfg (script). bunny hop script,no recoil... - It is forbidden to swear! (including adminchat). - It is forbidden to ask for explanations of a admin if he dident use any comand on you. - It is forbidden to ask mods from owners. Basic rules for administration: - It is forbidden to abuse amx_vote for personal entertainment . - It is forbidden to use the command votemap if you have not reached an agreement with the other admins present on the server. - It is forbidden to use the command slap,slay,kick,freeze just to benefit your situation in the game. - It is forbidden to use the commands slap,slay,kick,freeze if the person in fact does not break any rule. -You are allowed to use 3 advantages a day (human,respawn,zm) -Dont use commandes on other admins in joke, except if the admin in cause break the rules in sniper or survivor mod. -You are allowed to give yourself 2 mod from admin menu and one mod given to a random player. GENERAL: 1. The game is free within the limits of common sense. 2. Zombie: main objective: Zombie are forced to attack, not allowed to sit, to be killed by another player for ammo. 3. People: main objective: People are forced to eliminate all zombies. 4. Do not ask abusively: bazooka, minigun, ammo, chainsaw etc. 5. Do not ask abusively: game modes, Survivor, nemesis, human, etc. If you make a admin request, awnser at the question "By playing on this server, you agree that you have read and understand server rules?" with: Ooops i forgot !
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    [RO] * Pentru ca cererea ban sa fie luata in considerare, trebuie sa urmezi modelul urmator, in caz contrar cererea ta va fi respinsa * Titlul trebuie sa fie [Cerere Ban] Numele Playerului Reclamat * Nickname-ul : * Numele Playerului Reclamat : * SteamID : * Dovada ( Demo , Screenshot ) * Motivul : [EN] * You have to follow the following model, otherwise your request will be declined * The title must be [ Request Ban] Name of reported player * Your nickname : * Name of reported player : * SteamID : * Proof ( Demo , Screenshot) * The reason :
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    [RO] *Pentru ca cererea sa fie valida, trebuie sa urmezi modelul urmator, in caz contrar cererea ta va fi respinsa * Titlul trebuie sa fie [Cerere UnBan] Numele Tau * Numele : * SteamID: * IP ( Click ) : * Data şi ora de ban * Dovada ( Screenshot, Demo ) : * Motivul pentru ban [EN] * You have to follow the following model, otherwise your request will be declined * The title must be [ Request UnBan ] Your Name * Nickname : * SteamID : * IP ( Click ) : * Data and time of ban : * Proof ( Screenshot, Demo ) : * Reason of Ban
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    Bannere noi pentru REDDEVIL. Avatare.
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    Da, trebuie sa fie identica cu memoria care o ai deja. Chiar daca iei o memorie de la alt brand cu specificatii identice (DDR, Frecventa, CL) tot este posibil sa apara probleme.
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