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  2. Cord

    Raclama Moha

    I change my mind , if you catch him on server give him permanently ban IP Report rejected and bye .
  3. Cord


    From now on if you catch him on server give him permanently ban Stay banned and Enjoy your ban
  4. SmartPhone

    cerere upgrade

    PRO.good luck
  5. MadneSS

    [Portofoliu] BlackPearl

    Frumos pentru inceput, dar sigla T/CT trebuia pusa ori deasupra textului ori incercai sa incadrezi textul in sigla in asa fel incat sa se vada mai basic . Spor la lucru
  6. Today
  7. Sfaa7

    What is your favorite car?

    Bmw and lambo and Corvette here.
  8. Cristiano7

    Voteaza zilnic / Daily Vote

    (PC) Csservers : Vote Freakz.ro : 31 ServerCs.tk : 69
  9. Skadi

    Let's talk about gaming

    I guess it's time to replay Far Cry 5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6jTZlsdGJys -> 29GB New HD Textures + Reshade
  10. W miss uouuuuuuuu :D.

  11. Best^

    Cerere absence

    Good luck bro
  12. Sfaa7


    Unban him moha and close thread @Cord please :).
  13. Best^

    cerere upgrade

    Wrong model
  14. 1.Nick: Sfaa7 2.The reason for absence? Exams :/. 3.How much time you will be absent? 1 month 4-Other details: Wish me luck :D, almost forgot I will be able to play at weekends.
  15. Sfaa7

    cerere HELPER

    You posted in the wrong section however I am going to say PRO because we need more admins and more admins means less campers , cheaters..etc but you must always go to spectator and spectate players everyday and if you don't know how to use AMX commands, ask admins to help.
  16. Sfaa7


    Pro but 16k too much, put it 10k.
  17. Sfaa7

    Raclama Moha

    He's no longer banned, cord decided to give him a chance his last one so unban him, thanks moha, I'll remove him from banlist right away.
  18. Zokee

    [Cerere admin] - Zokee

    •Nick : Zokee's;Fan-TheCookie •Y!M/Skype : pr1mat_cs •Varsta (minim 16 ani ) : 21 •Steam : ON/OFF: ON •Primele 7 cifre din CNP : 1970228 Prezenta ts3? da/nu : da •Ati citit regulamentul: Da. •Ore jucate LINK GAMETRACKER OBLIGATORIU ! ) : Nu am foarte multe, mai multe am pe respawn, dar acum... zic ca sunt potrivit avand in vedere, ca sunt un jucator de top, experienta si profesionalismul dand dovada. •Cuvantul cheie din regulament ? Citit-ma •Puteti ajuta serverul cu o danatie? : Da.
  19. k3Nt|HD

    BanList k3Nt|HD no sound

    Nick : sK|D3RkN Motiv: silent aim Durata: - Dovada: http://www.girlshare.ro/3490198802.2
  20. CriMiNaLz;

    Raclama Moha

    1.nick Admin: Sfaa7 2. Nick coded: CriMiNaLz; 3. Ip: 4. SteamID: STEAM_ID_LAN 5. Date: 20/10/2018 6. Theme: He changes his steam ID all the time and disrespect admins. 7. Proof (demo / ss): https://www.sendspace.com/file/r1lapf This its Banned But For What i'm Banned ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? he said i'm Have Steam id WTF i use nvidia E7 Where Steam ? And I'm dont talk admins Or i'm Limbaj they cuz i'm join for played
  21. Lucas l Sound On

    [BanList] Lucas l Sound On

    Nick : sarpe Motiv: reconnect la cerere wg Durata:- Dovada: imgur.com/a/UWiHg9e
  22. SOSOA^_^

    cerere upgrade

    Change it to correct model then i will say pro
  23. Cristiano7

    Voteaza zilnic pe csservers!

    [PC] Voted
  24. Cristiano7

    Voteaza zilnic !

    [PC] Vote 11
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