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  3. #RESPINS in ultima perioada serverul a fost mai mereu gol , la intrebarea : Esti dispus/a sa aduci membrii pe server activi zilnic daca da specifica cati : da Nu raspundeti cu Da daca nu aduceti niciun membru, ultima data pe server am fost eu Vallentin si un prieten de al nostru de restul nimeni nu a mai intrat deloc.
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  5. Nume / Varsta : Sorin, 21 Grad dorit : Orice cu acces kick/ban Unique ID : O9QebD/OKCg4Rj7C2GtxjXS9yq8= De ce doresti acest grad? : intra mereu copii care fac zgomote la microfon Cum poti contribui la server ? : il moderez Esti dispus/a sa aduci membrii pe server activi zilnic daca da specifica cati : da Cat timp poti aloca serverului? : cateva ore pe zi p.s. Va rog de asemenea sa dati acces de creare canal temporar,multumesc
  6.  rules admin


    BAN: Permanent bans are given for players: - who use any kind of CS hack ( wall, aim, speed etc.) - ads on other servers , websites or forums (Only if they advertise on chat, player's with advertising names they will not be touched). Ban for 120 minutes are given for players: - Retry after received gag, followed by more abuse in chat. (120 minute) - Insulting admin or player mother, sister, or insulting god or religions, or attempting to start racist topics (120 minutes) - Retry Zombie if the zombie was the only Zombie, First one or The last one (120 minutes) - If a player steals ammo from other names, it will be permanently banned!(CHECK IP!) GAG: - use inadequate language on chat - threaten other players or administrators - Inappropriate language, spam,  annoying commercials or offensive remarks. - Repeat silly questions or statements, asks for mods, jets, admin, FREE. ( WARNING before )

    [10:15 PM]

    SLAP: - Blocking unintentionally / unconsciously. (Maxim 3-5 slaps) - Players who are on the map, if they continues, use slay. (Maxim 3-5 slaps) - Slap zombies who are not attacking in last two minutes of the round, otherwise let them have FREE game. (3-5 slaps) - It is forbidden to use slap command with damage.   SLAY: - Slay zombies who are not attacking in last two minutes after giving 3-5 slaps. - We do the same with the last zombie left,if they intentionally prolong the round. - Exemple of rude blocking: on the armageddon round,when someone lets free for a friend and he blocks other players. - Breaking objects before infection or breaking mine without reason. - Slay who is blocking after giving 3 slaps. - Slay zombies who are not attacking in last 1-2 minutes after giving 3 slaps.   FREEZE: -Zombies that stay in the water to prolong the round. -The Zombies who run away during sniper / survivor / armageddon mode, they hide, they do not want to attack.    VOTEMAP:  - Just after the vote at the end of the map that comes automatically (Only when the map isn't good). - After the vote has been completed,the vote must be refused by a admin and he must write in the console: amx_nextmap "namemap" at the end of the round. - Can't 2 times in a row use same maps (warn,if continues,remove!) - After the default vote that appears automatically consult with others about vote options.

    [10:15 PM]

    KICK: - Admins may not give kick to the player who are AFK on our server just for there purpose to enter the server , they are only allowed to kick player's staying spectator. - Between 23:00 and 10:00 admins dont give kick to anyone, even if player's stay spectator. -Admins are allowed to stay spectator (Like the players) between 23:00 and 10:00 ( In the night program . ) - Admins are not allowed to give kick to other players with s nickname from a other server  as long they dont advertise on the chat. - Those who speak to the microphone will be kicked 3 times followed by 60 minutes ban . -Players are allowed to stay spec only if they tell to an admin the reason.   Basic rules for players and administration of the server: - It is forbidden to use any kind of cfg (script). bunny hop script,no recoil... - It is forbidden to swear! (including adminchat). - It is forbidden to ask for explanations of a admin if he didnt use any comand on you. - It is forbidden to ask mods from owners.   Basic rules for administration: - It is forbidden to abuse amx_vote for personal entertainment . - It is forbidden to change the map during the night program (23:00 - 10:00) - It is forbidden to use the command votemap if you have not reached an agreement with the other admins present on the server. - It is forbidden to use the command slap,slay,kick,freeze just to benefit your situation in the game. - You are allowed to use 5 advantages a day (human,respawn,zm) - You are not allowed to use commands (slap, slay, freeze, kick, change nick or ban) in jokes on other admins, except slay if they violate rules in ways, who does not respect remove. - If you are accepted as admin,you must create a ban-list in the right section,following the model! - Admins who will ask for upgrade will be punished by downgrade, upgrades are given by activity.

    [10:16 PM]

    - Once you are an admin on the ZP server, you cannot be an admin on other servers. - Dont use commandes on other admins in joke, except if the admin in cause break the rules in sniper or survivor mod. - You can give 500 ammo per day from the console when you don't have (those with access) We have activated the donations and you can help each other with / donated - You are allowed to give yourself 1 mod from admin menu and 1 mod given to a random player. GENERAL: 1. The game is free within the limits of common sense. 2. Zombie: main objective: Zombie are forced to attack, not allowed to sit, to be killed by another player for ammo. 3. People: main objective: People are forced to eliminate all zombies. 4. Do not ask abusively: bazooka, minigun, ammo, chainsaw etc. 5. Do not ask abusively: game modes, Survivor, nemesis

    Message #rules

  7. nu este citit, fa.o acuma accepted, pw si pass T/C
  8. Numele cu care joci:Alex01 # Steam(Da/Nu):Nu # Varsta:13(fac 14) # Experienta ca admin:4-5 luni # Motivul pentru care vrei sa fi admin:Pentru ca imi place sv si as vrea sa fiu chiar admin # Ai citit regulamentul?: L-am citit! # Ore jucate pe server: https://www.gametracker.com/player/Alex01/ # Esti dispus sa ajuti serverul cu o donatie?:Nu acum # Alte informatii:Nimic de adaugat
  9. Ban nr: Nick: IP / STEAMID: Motiv: Dovezi:
  10. # Numele cu care joci: Rosty # Steam(Da/Nu): Nu # Varsta: 20 # Experienta ca admin: 100% Am 2 ani experenta # Motivul pentru care vrei sa fi admin: Pentru a ajuta server-ul cu respectarea regulament-ului, reclama ! # Ai citit regulamentul?: i dont know # Ore jucate pe server: - # Esti dispus sa ajuti serverul cu o donatie?: Momentan nu, dar pe viitor da # Alte informatii: Nimic
  11. RO aici se vor posta videoclipuri youtube: cu server-ul zp.rangfort.ro : CITATIE:, nu postati video cu alte servere creeatorul a 5 videoclipuri diferite postate pe youtube beneficiaza de ViP® + 2000 points. CITATIE!, vip-ul va fii disponibil 30 de zile. [ atentie minim 100 de abonati pe youtube ] EN here youtube videos will be posted: with the server zp.rangfort.ro: QUOTE :, do not post videos with other servers the creator of 5 different videos posted on youtube benefits from ViP® + 2000 poin
  12. sorry for the question: you agree with the regulation you did not enter the correct answer. PS: you will be accepted as a Moderator, you are asked to read the server rules right now, send me your name and password by personal message T / C
  13. # Your nickname: MR.DX # Steam(Yes/No): No # Age: 16 # Experience as admin: sure yes im was staff # Reason that you want to be admin: Because I have experience and also I've been playing Counter-Strike for 6 years # Did you read the rules?: yes # Hours you played on server: I will play for 8 hours # Are you wiling to help the server with a donation?: I don't have money now # Other information: I'm from Egypt I've been playing Counter-Strike for a long time I've been a server owner but I don't have money to open it again I have experience
  14. topics useless T/C + move Recycle Bin
  15. YOU OWNER SERVER zombie 6.3 IP:
  16. on this category have access only owner server: @AlbertStrike AlbertStrike CosminZ AlbertStrike
  17. Hello people ⚔️

    1. CosminZ


      Hello bro

  18. Nume: CosminZ Ore jucate(minim 10h): https://www.gametracker.com/player/CosminZ/ (Momentan nu am orele necesare dar o sa le fac cat de curand.) Ai citit regulamentul?:i dont know
  19. Numarul la care sa trimiteti SMS: 1235 Formatul mesajului: TXT GTRS Adresa IP:port Nume Exemplu mesaj: TXT GTRS Delia Pret mesaj: €1.00 + TVA [ dupa executarea boost-ului lasa-ti reply cu modelul de mai jos + dovada CITATIE: LA 4 BOOST-URI ADAUGATE BENEFICIATI DE ViP 3 SAPTAMANI. ] [ After the execution of the boost, leave your reply with the model below + proof QUOTE: FOR 4 ADDED BOOSTS BENEFITED FROM ViP 3 WEEKS. ] [ MODEL: ] Nume: Ora boost: Dovada screenshoot:
  20. RO// In acest topic vor fi anuntate toate penalizarile adminilor nostri! Nick: Grad vechi: Sanctiune: Motiv: Dovada: Cum poti primi -1/REMOVE? -inactivitate pe server & forum(cu exceptia anuntarii absentelor) -insulte si lipsa de respect fata de alti playeri/admini -abuz comenzi de orice fel -cereri de up -sau pur si simplu nerespectarea acestor reguli: ---------------------------------------------------------- EN // In this topic all the penalties of our admins will be announced! Nick:
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