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  1. Road to UK , my days in Italy come's to an end, maybe blabla wanna hang out for a beer xD

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    2. blabla
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      Cheers! :). Felicitari si succes cu gradul Blackpearl ! Si nu in ultimul rand bun venit in tara caramizii si culorii gri. Poate mergem sa ne intrecem la baut cu cateva englezoaice.

      Va salut cu respect.

    4. BlackPearl


      Cheers! Inca nu am ajuns in UK , la sfarsitul lui Octombrie ajung, sa termin si contractu de munca aici i-am anuntat ca din Octombrie renunt la contractul lor pentru plecarea in UK dar sigur de ce nu cand e vorba de o bere buna ( sau mai multe ) niciodata nu spun nu :)

  2. #Acceptat , sa ma cauti maine sa iti pun gradul.
  3. #Respins pentru sectiunea ZM trebuie sa posteze Managerul Serverului nu tu.
  4. Informatii boost Nick: BlackPearlTvT Timp mesaj: 2020-07-18 16:32:54 Server boostat: FUN.RANGFORT.RO - Fun Community
  5. I feel you Mero^ I have a bad computer too but tho i hope soon a gaming one will come over here because i really want to play better some games , i got a good monitor , mouse , headset , microphone but the computer itself is too old for some games , the CPU rendering is so bad and the video card is struggling to render the games by herself , that's why i don't do live streams anymore and that makes me so sad because i actually like to go livestream everyday with what i do play.
  6. I wouldnt suggest that we tryed that on Marvel and when you boost the server you loose most of the players because they get drop frames , the game load too slow , and they are not optimized.
  7. 1.Your Nick: BlackPearl 2.Admin' Nick: Cazador 3.The reason for banning: no gigolos allowed 4.Date: I don't know i just got back home from the work and i found myself banned. 5.Proof: ************************************************ Ban information Name: blackpearl IP: Reason: no gigolos allowed Time unban: Permanent ban Name admin: Cazador SteamID admin: STEAM_0:1:163930086 ************************************************ 6.Your Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:79462903 7.Your Ip: 8.Other: Nice one Cazador but remember
  8. If may i suggest those tho: Desert Deagle Bloodsport AWP Wildfire M9 Bayonet Ruby AK47 Westland Rebel M4A1 Knight Those are pretty much decent skins and they are gettin close to the CS:GO game kinda. That's just an opinion if you would like them i would be happy to see them on the server.
  9. AWP Medusa Butterfly Knife AK47 Redline M4A1 Eske
  10. Respins , regulament necitit.
  11. Benvenuta xD welcome to our community we hope you will enjoy and have a great time on here.
  12. Well well well , Valorant yeah i must say isn't that great like people say. I've spent like 150hours on it , played over 300 matches and trust me it is worthless. Closed beta game and indeed i do agree that they still have to fix some bugs but the big problem is like all FPS games too many cheaters caught and not banned yet, most of the people are toxic on there trolling the match much more now after they added ranks for competitive matches , you might enjoy it for the first matches but after awhile you get tired of it. I've been playing against the same cheater 5 times in a row in 2 weeks
  13. Salutare comunitate , revin cu un mic update dupa ceva timp , nu am mai postat aici deoarece erau aceleasi jocuri. De curand am facut rost de o cheie Valorant Closed Beta. Bun pana aici toate bune si frumoase , bucuros ca am prins cheie sa particip in beta si da hai sa ii dam un pro si contra jocului. PRO: Server Tickrate 128 e un big pro deoarece chiar voiam asa ceva si in meciuri competitive din CS:GO si nu s-a adaugat decat daca joci FaceIT. Grafica Decenta da e o grafica decenta nici prea buna dar nici atat de rea incat sa nu instalezi jocul. Distractie modesta c
  14. Topic inchis. Membrul nu mai este activ de pe data de 3 August 2019 , in cazul in care ai nevoie de redeschiderea topicului imi lasi pm.
  15. #Acceptat Sa imi dai pm cu nick si pass
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