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  1. BlackPearl

    Restricted Users

    This is you're first and last time you post in here , you got restricted because you did not choosed any work posted on the topic here. Next post you make on here you get warn.
  2. BlackPearl

    [BlackPearl] Jurnalul meu de gaming

    LIVE STREAM → Farming Simulator 19 cu John Deere & Spalatoria Fermieriilor xD
  3. BlackPearl

    Restricted Users

    Nick: @PROFFEKZOR^ Durata: O luna Userul nu va mai putea face cerere in perioada 24.11.2018 → 24.12.2018 Motiv: Nu a purtat nici o creatie din cerere.
  4. BlackPearl

    Cerere Avatar

    You have 24hrs to choose one of these avatars @PROFFEKZOR^ otherwise you will get restricted on Design Zone for a month. Locked.
  5. BlackPearl

    Cerere Avatar

    Next time when you will post on the topic useless you will get warn and topic will be closed this is the 1st and last time i would say it.
  6. BlackPearl

    [Portofoliu] BlackPearl

    Bannere noi pentru REDDEVIL. Avatare.
  7. BlackPearl

    Cerere bannere

  8. BlackPearl

    [BlackPearl] Jurnalul meu de gaming

    Last night with my boys → @blabla , @Skadi & @Vallentin Destiny 2 un joc care merita toti banii , frumos aranjat , story mode interesant si e si funny , am achizitionat si unul din cele 3 DLC-uri ( Forsaken ) , level 50 Hunter destul de OP caracteru dupa mine. Recomand acest joc tuturor.
  9. BlackPearl

    blabla's Gaming

    Am ajuns level 46 si @Vallentin 36 continuam cu misiunile pana la 50 dupa ne alaturam voua Let's rock boys the game is freaking awesome <3
  10. BlackPearl

    Restricted Users

    Nick: @BAN$! Durata: O luna Userul nu va mai putea face cerere in perioada: 10.11.2018 / 10.12.2018 Motiv: Intervalul intre cereri nu a fost cel de o saptamana si nu a tinut avatarul timp de o saptamana conform regulamentului. Nick: @LiQuiDz # Easy Durata: Permanent Userul va avea restrictie pe zona Design permanent. Motiv: RIP ↓
  11. BlackPearl

    Cerere Avatar BAN$!

  12. BlackPearl

    Cerere Mod

    Contra nu am vazut activitate nicaieri din partea ta , incepe cu ceva activitate , decide pe ce sectiune vrei sa moderezi si revino cu alta cerere.
  13. BlackPearl

    What is your favorite car?

    I was always a big fan of Audi and i will never change up my mind because this is what i love about it. Audi A5 2018 3000 TID I mean is not that expensive car like a Ferrari and or Lambo or Bugatti but is enough expensive for some people and i wish one day i could have all the money i need to buy it as new. Audi A5 3.0 TDI Quattro S Tronic 7 switches cost arround to 50.000E , Audi A5 3.0 TDI Tiptronic 8 Switches cost arround to 58.000E but all this prices are going for full optional elegance sport car brand new.
  14. BlackPearl

    Cerere Avatar Senzatie ;x

    Citeste regulamentul inainte sa faci o cerere. - Singurele creatii ce vor fi rezolvate vor fi cele STATICE, cererile de tip .GIF NU vor fi luate in considerare.Doar membrii care fac parte din staff & Prime au dreptul sa ceara astfel de creatii. Ai dreptul la alta cerere peste o saptamana.
  15. BlackPearl

    Cerere avatar

    Ai ales topic inchis.