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  1. BlackPearl

    Cerere Grad !

    #Contra Sectiunea pe care doresti sa moderezi trebuie sa alegi o anumita sectiune. In plus de asta nu respecti cerintele necesare. Minim 30 de zile in comunitate. Varsta minima de 16 ani ! Minim 100 posturi pe forum. Scriere corecta din punct de vedere gramatical. Sa nu aveti nici un warn/avertisment in momentul in care depuneti cererea . Sa aveti un limbaj civilizat in cadrul forumului ( vom verifica posturile dvs pentru asta) Trebuie sa aveti timp minim 2 ore pe zi pentru a fi la curent cu noutatiile de pe forum si pentru a va desfasura activitatea. Daca ati fost respins in trecut si doresti sa aplici din nou pentru gradul de moderator, puteti reveni cu o cerere dupa 14 zile, timp in care activitatea voastra pe forum trebuie imbunatatita !
  2. BlackPearl

    Cerere Avatar WillSmith

  3. BlackPearl

    [Cerere] ADMIN - Eu#

    #PRO stiu ca vei fii activ cum ai fost si in trecut.
  4. BlackPearl

    Cerere Avatar

    No one will post anything anymore because you choosed already. Topic Close.
  5. BlackPearl

    Let's talk about gaming

    As i actually said at the start of the topic , CS:GO is not enjoyable anymore , i rather go ahead and play again some MMORPG games old school than to waste time by playing against cheaters.
  6. BlackPearl

    Cerere avatar MadneSS

  7. BlackPearl

    Ce melodie asculti acum?

    <3 Alan Walker FTW <3
  8. BlackPearl

    Cerere avatar osd

    Citeste regulamentul , avatarele de tip .GIF pot fii cerute doar de cei care fac parte din staff-ul comunitatii sau cei care detin gradul de Prime.
  9. BlackPearl

    Let's talk about gaming

    Hello dear members of RangFort Community , today i came up with this new idea to hear all you're opinion about gaming and games. So lately i was playing a bounce of games but since i'm playing Counter Strike Global Offensive since 2014 i will start with my own opinions and reviews about this game. On 2014 even tho i were having the game 1 year before i did not wanted to play it on 2013 so i have started with the half 2014 , slowly just trying with BOT's the recoil , see how the maps are called and so on , most likely i were more on YouTube watching some "pro" players playing it to learn some more about it even tho i were a Counter Strike 1.6 good player i didn't think that CS:GO could be more different. The game had itself some good part , the nice one was the "Competitive Ranking System" witch made me to want more and more to play it , to get to the last rank ( The Global Elite ) witch i could not get yet there because i'm not that good at the game yet but i got pretty far at Legendary Eagle Master witch was not that far away to the last rank , but i know i had to learn more and i did not. But like always games have a "but" on there , cheaters started to ruin the game so bad starting with 2017 , we are on 2018 close to the end of it and the game is getting even worst , so last year at the launch of the new game PlayerUnkown's Battlegrounds i decided to move on it and leave from CS:GO but sadly there are more cheaters in PUBG now than what CS:GO have and now after thinking and re-thinking i guess the enjoyable game is still Counter Strike 1.6 on Public servers with admins on like that cheaters can get banned and you can play without any problem , but we still have a but here too , you actually need to find out a server with experienced Admins who know the difference between a good player and a cheater , so other than this i was played more games witch i will make more reviews and opinions on the future , if you have some feel free to leave a comment in this topic with it.
  10. BlackPearl


    Da confirm multumita lu @blabla am cumparat acest mouse Logitech G203 RGB 8000DPI ( evident nu pot sa ii folosesc pe toti xD ) din setari is pe 800 DPI si sincer sa fiu sunt foarte multumit de el in sfarsit ma pot juca si eu CS:GO glumesc totusi recomand acest mouse.
  11. BlackPearl

    Prezentare MadneSS

    Bine ai revenit dar nu m-as bucura sa te revad in echipa comunitatii deoarece in trecut au fost probleme cu tine , ai dat scam prin intermediul comunitatii. Dovada este chiar aici
  12. BlackPearl

    Best Mouse for Gaming ?

    Salutare am vazut acest topic si nu m-am putut abtine. In trecut am avut un mini pachet de la Cooler Master Storm Devastator ↓ Din pacate dupa 3 ani click-ul stanga la mouse s-a dus definitiv raspundea foarte greu asa ca am decis sa imi cumpar alt pachet. GameMax Raptor ↓ Tin sa precizez ca cei de la GameMax Raptor au o calitate foarte proasta din orice punct de vedere de la Mouse la tastatura si casti nu le recomand la nimeni dar totusi zilele astea mi-am cumparat un mouse mai bun. Logitech G203 RGB ↓ Prestatiile sunt excelente , senzorii raspund foarte bine am probat acest mouse in cateva zile in diferite jocuri cum ar fii: PUBG si PUBG Mobile CSGO si CS1.6 Overwatch Darksiders Si spre final toate achizitiile au fost facute pe amazon , idea este nu va uitati la faptul ca un mouse are un design mai frumos ca altul sau ca pretul dintre unul si altul difera de 5-10 Euro eu zic ca mai bine mergeti pe calitate decat pe low cost.
  13. BlackPearl

    [Vand] cont Clash Royal

    Topic inchis lipsa de interes din partea userului , nu a dat bump la topic de 9 zile, daca doresti sa iti redeschid topicul imi lasi pm aici pe forum.
  14. BlackPearl

    Ganja vs Cazador

    V2 e prea simpla , V1 e mai bine pusa la punct frumos blur frumos text aranjat votez V1 bravo la amandoi.
  15. BlackPearl

    YouTube !

    <3 <3 <3 Relax total <3 <3 <3