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  1. Hello people

  2. Hello, the first forum i have registered in ?

  3. Hello people ⚔️

    1. CosminZ


      Hello bro

  4. Merry Christmas RF ☺

    1. madalin062892tm


      Problemes d'erection viagrasansordonnancefr.com analogues de medicaments

  5. Today is my 19th birthday
    Time is running out and I think my death is very near ☺

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    2. MaHm0ud


      And I will bring you flowers when you die :))))

    3. Manel


      Happy birthday 

      We can kill you if you want that :))

    4. MaHm0ud


      Well I don't mind
      But I want you to be with me when "huh" ))

  6. best friend ever ☺

  7. Nobody understands Fuck off !!!

  8. The only thing that keeps me going ☻


  9. The closest person who has always been by your side will leave you with the earliest opportunity ☺

  10. I ordered some spaghetti with marinara sauce and I got egg noodles and ketchup. I'm an average nobody.

    1. MaHm0ud


      I really hope that this life will end. I think that many people will finally be rested!

    2. MaHm0ud


      Damn, I started to be afraid, Life is not sex, man there are more important things

      For example, like being comfortable in your life is more important than anything.

    3. MaHm0ud


      Bad guy :P 

      For a moment, I thought you were serious :))

  11. I wanna die to young 
    I know this thing is wrong 
    But am not strong 
    and the way still long
    When I Die none come to my funeral 
    Yeah I talk to you,yeah I mean you all
    am depressed and this is natural 
    None hate Mahmoud,oh that's impossible
    Nobody remember you just with phone call
    You will hate your life , when you lose your goal
    None help you , when they see you fall ☺

  12. 200423-ramadan-coronavirus-mc-8322_90f0e I like Ramadan ♥ 

  13. #Let_me_die

    1. Manel


      You free :)))))))

    2. MaHm0ud


      Bad girl never change!

  14. A friend of mine left this world with a long illness a few weeks ago. He was really my friend, he was a good man and he did really well when he got the chance and helped people when they ask him.

    May God have mercy on him!


  15. Forever Ona Göre



  16. I will come back alone as I was before :))
    And that's better to be alone than to be people I do not want !

  17. Who are you? I am a demon with everyone and an angel to myself.

  18. this is bullshit ........

    We appreciate them and they do not appreciate us.

    I like helping everyone but nobody help me !

    1. asassinul


      I help you I !!

    2. MaHm0ud


      I know and I appreciate your help

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