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  1. Manel

    admin slot

    You not admin for say (PRO/CONTRA)
  2. Nick: Manel. Motivul retragerii: Work+Study+Exam+Collage Grad pe server : Moderator Alte detalii:-
  3. Manel

    Reclama Sfaa7 & Moha

    0 Experience that first thing and what he did was proof on that He taked 2 chance befor and what he did????? If osd will forgives him he free But i will not forgives him because he was insult me not insult oSd Even now he not say he wrong or sorry why we should give him chance?????? And what sfaa7 was mean (when we was give you banned; you was return join in same round) and you have to explained that
  4. Manel

    admin slot

    Big Contra You are (Rock - CasPer) Stop make request Anyway slot is not available anymore
  5. Manel


    Name:Manel. Description:fix problem (amx_spec) With what helps:when the round end , the admin auto go to CT/T
  6. Manel

    Requst for Helper

    Contra You not even know where the rules You always camp and turn back and i ban you everyday
  7. Manel

    cerere SLOT

    Contra Low active in last week and read rules again
  8. Manel


    Contra You must waiting 15 day for make another request
  9. Manel


    Name:Manel. Description:add new maps (de_barcelona-de_dust2_2007-de_dust2_2009-de_dustyaztec-de_dust_castle-de_nuke_rarea-de_perfect_inferno-de_westwood_big) With what helps: its better than stay in same maps everyday everyday
  10. Manel

    Raport manel

    You just a lies Where cord told you can stay in spec?????????? Just look what cord said here after that come and make report And you said it there was just 2 players so that mean you just wanna stay in spec for take hours Even now we not make report on you because you swear and dont respect admins Next time i will make report and let you take you rmv because all proofs prove that you wrong So now closed and go to sleep and try to be good admin and respect others
  11. Manel

    raport manel & Gotze

    https://imgur.com/a/8TARjbI You stay there for hours only You take transfer and kick but you not learning And when you take banned you not respect it You just slot not admin Can use command on you maybe you must read rules btw cord said "in night use command slay.kick and if player not learning use ban"
  12. Manel

    Cereri upgrad

    Upgrad mean +1 That what oSd said Pro MOD