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  1. 1.Nick: Manel 2.Ora boost: 14:33
  2. All admins and VIP members on ours server you must send to me pm with your nick and new password Follow this model 1.Nick: 2.New password: After you send please reply on this topic "Done" I will closed this topic after 7 days
  3. 1.Nick: Manel 2.Ora boost: Server win gametracker auction "212" https://www.gametracker.rs/auction/212/
  4. 1.Nick: Manel 2.Ora boost: Server win gametracker auction "211" https://www.gametracker.rs/auction/211/
  5. 1.Nick: Manel 2.Ora boost: 18:00
  6. This topic for boost only Not for solve problems If anyone will reply here except for boost will get warn
  7. Yes from Munchen For now not there Why you have at your profile City: Marasesti cuz you are not from there or atleast there :)))
  8. Bad PC or Gamming PC You and oSd both noobs :)))
  9. He happy now because he rank 1 Not for long time :))
  10. Thanks for your suggest, maybe add new maps 1.6
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