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  1. Manel

    cerere HELPER

    Just admins allow to reply here Contra read Rules
  2. Manel

    cerere unban

    That not ban Its happend when you play in server and got disconnect and try to enter to server but your nick and steam id still in server not out And why play in different nick?????????
  3. Manel

    Admin Req

    You almost time afk Contra
  4. Manel

    Cerere up

    Contra 20h not enough for moderator
  5. Manel


    All admins didnt go to spec All admins If you gone to spec just for 2-3 min that not mean its finished If they join for playing just So why want admin!!!!!!!!! You can stay normal player without anyone say anything its so easy Admin by donate or not ; all the same All have to do his job
  6. Manel

    Cerere SLOT

    Contra 0 Active last week 3 Time Active last month And read rules i think you know what i mean
  7. Manel

    cerere upgrade

    Pro Good Luck
  8. Manel

    Cerere Slot

    You didnt read rules Wait 15 days for make another request
  9. Manel


    Just admins can reply here
  10. Manel

    Cereri shimbar nick

    FreeStyle is another player You cant stolen his nick for no lose your hours
  11. Manel


    Contra You didn't read rules And don't use this nick because its for "Manager Server" in other server in this community https://rangfort.ro/forum/profile/29262-durexx/
  12. Manel

    Request Up

    Pro. Good Luck