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  1. # Your nickname: C.I.@:Dany____:) # desired Tag: Palestinian # Link of hours you played on server:https: //www.gametracker.com/player/C.I.%40%3ADany____%3A%29/
  2. how are you?

  3. Dany.C.I.@


    https://www.gametracker.com/player/Cosmin_pro/ You have 26h thats good. The models at your topic good Anyway, you`re a player Respectable and is same time a good friend .
  4. # Your nickname: C.I. @: Dany____ # Steam: Yes / no: no # Age: 22 # Experience as admin: i admin very old # Reason that you want to be admin: help all people # By playing on this server, you agree that you have read and understand server rules?:yes # Link of hours you played on server: https://www.gametracker.com/player/C.I.%40%3ADany____%3A)/ # Are you wiling to help the server with a donation?: # Other information: i friend very old in server
  5. Dany.C.I.@

    C.I.@:Dany____:) | ACCEPTED

    thanx pro
  6. Name you play: C.I.@:Dany____:) # Steam: Yes / No: yes # Age (required): 22 # Experience as admin: 75% # Reason that you want to be admin: I want to help this server # Do I agree with the list ?: Oops I forgot! # Link to hours played: https://www.gametracker.com/player/C.I.%40%3ADany____%3A)/ / # Are you ready to help your server by donating?: ..
  7. hi mero

    how are you

  8. hi panda 

    how are you

  9. hi lord

    1. ^Lord of Dark^
    2. Dany.C.I.@


      i love you pro


    3. Dany.C.I.@


      lord you have facebook or WatsApp

  10. mero coming change map

    1. Dany.C.I.@


      hi  MERO 

      ajay^ ues hacker in server

    2. Dany.C.I.@


      i cant gave him band


  11. hi hala


  12. Dany.C.I.@


    pls gave me admin