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  1. Pro but increase your activity and send link GT
  2. Sent GT link so I can indicate your activeness
  3. How can I become Premium Member of Rangfort Commmunity? Please help me I love this Community
  4. Nick : Cristiano7 Your Name : Shivam Age : 15 City : Mumbai County : India (At Asian Continent) Occupation : Student Favorite Games : COC.. CS1.6, etc Hobbies : Football, Gaming Description about yourself : Innocent And Respective How do you come to know about Rangfort.ro Community : By IgNoRe- (NEWLIFEZM : EX-Server Manager) Friends in the Community : Not having yet... But I will make it for sure:) Picture : ERROR 404 NOT FOUND Closing Description : I Love to make the friends who are from another Countries..
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