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  1. G.QuerTy

    Cerere Admin HiLe HjKl!

    1.Nick: HiLe HjKl! 2.Varsta:16 3.ID skype / steam:Nu 4.Ai citit regulamentul? Da
  2. Hello All!

    Phaa This Is My Favourite Game ! 


  3. G.QuerTy

    Cerere Slot hjkl

    I readed plss believe me!
  4. Hey All Administrators Moderators Or Supermoderators i wanna know why i have 0 Warning Points And Down 2 By Skadi And 2 By Cazador ?

    Send Me This In Private Message...

  5. G.QuerTy

    Cerere Slot hjkl

    I Readet Bro And I Reacted +
  6. G.QuerTy

    Cerere Slot hjkl

    1.Nick:hjkl 2.Varsta:16 3.ID skype / steam:Steam : Bajram.s.1 4.Ai citit regulamentul? Yes
  7. G.QuerTy

    Cerere Admin Again

    I Changed It . It's Good?!!! Why you all say me Contra ????!!!! Why??
  8. G.QuerTy

    Cerere Admin Again

    Ok its change
  9. # Your nickname:BAN$! # Steam: Yes / no: No # Age:16 # Experience as admin: 1 Year # Reason that you want to be admin: To Help Server # By playing on this server, you agree that you have read and understand server rules?:Oops I Forgot ! # Link of hours you played on server: ( C l i c k )https://www.gametracker.com/player/BAN%24!/ # Are you wiling to help the server with a donation?:No # Other information: To my password contact me
  10. G.QuerTy

    FURIEN.RANGFORT.RO - Cautam admini zi/noapte !

    But I Changed My Name
  11. G.QuerTy

    Cerere Admin hjkl

    * Nick :hjkl * Steam ID (cifre) / YahooID / Skype / Email: Email:bajramsalihi90@gmail.com * Varsta :16 * Link GT cu orele jucate :I Dont Started * Motivul cererii de admin :To help server * Ai citit regulamentul ? : Yes
  12. G.QuerTy

    FURIEN.RANGFORT.RO - Cautam admini zi/noapte !

    I Read Rules And I Will Respect Them Boss Plss Accept This Request Down Nick:hjkl Age:16 Facebook/Contact:Steam:hjkl1220,Or E-Mail bajramsalihi90@gmail.com How long do you play cs? :4 Years Can you help financially the server?:Yes.But i cannot help it with donation Amx experience:4 Years  Have you read the rules? :Yes,And I Will Respect Them.