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  1. Cazador

    Artwork' mW.Floryo

    You can be way better or stay special. You have an effect that I haven’t seen before on other’s blur’s. Keep going.
  2. Do apps help you or just waste your time?
  3. Cazador

    Cerere Avatar WillSmith

  4. Cazador

    High School or University?

    You are free to give your opinion on what are the advantages and disadvantages of each. My opinion: High school is worse because you got alot of homework to do, more books, more projects and more things to learn. University is more "free".
  5. Cazador

    [Portofoliu] BlackPearl

    on: i like the way you made the Respawn ones, you just have to work a bit more on the clear color or maybe the way you make the text, like it must be more clear, not messy. Also the drop shadow must be less. Good luck in the future
  6. Cazador

    [Portofoliu] Cazador

    Fast IVI edit.
  7. Cazador

    Cerere avatar

    Citiți și respectați regulile. Faceți o nouă cerere după 7 zile. Closed.
  8. Cazador

    Cerere bannere oSd

  9. Cazador

    Let's talk about gaming

    I would like to play against those mofo’s, beat their asses on the servers until i get tired :))
  10. I am so tired, sitting here waiting if I hear one more "just be patient", it’s always gonna stay the same. So let me just give up, let me just let go, if this isn’t good for me well I don’t want to know.

  11. hurt, forced to let go.