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  1. OS: Windows 10 Pro Placa de baza: Dell Inc. 0DRPKR A00 HDD: BC501 NVMe Sk hynix 256 GB RAM: 16 GB Crucial 2666 MHz DDR4 (1/2 SLOT) CPU: Intel Core i5 8250U Placa video: Raedon (TM) 530 Placa sunet: - Monitor: - Mouse: 4TECH (N-770FX) Tastatura: - Casti: - Mousepad: -
  2. I guess i have to explain my own words, what i was saying was that every server should have their own unique style, the server as it is right now its good, no need to copy other servers.
  3. might as well change the name of the server to marvel v2.0
  4. The Escapists 2 - Epic Games = Click Lifeless Planet: Premier Edition - Epic Games = Click Killing Floor 2 - Epic Games = Click
  5. Ai gresit sectiunea.
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    link https://i.postimg.cc/vT8mYstx/osd.png
  7. after you decided to be a good boy, your ban is removed. closed
  8. The knife looks good too.
  9. Just checked them out. Besides the m4a1, nothing else is pretty. Even that is a meh.
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