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  1. Welcome and enjoy the forum.
  2. Next time consider uploading unedited stocks
  3. OS: Windows 10 Pro Placa de baza: Dell Inc. 0DRPKR A00 HDD: BC501 NVMe Sk hynix 256 GB RAM: 16 GB Crucial 2666 MHz DDR4 (1/2 SLOT) CPU: Intel Core i5 8250U Placa video: Raedon (TM) 530 Placa sunet: - Monitor: - Mouse: 4TECH (N-770FX) Tastatura: - Casti: - Mousepad: -
  4. The Escapists 2 - Epic Games = Click Lifeless Planet: Premier Edition - Epic Games = Click Killing Floor 2 - Epic Games = Click
  5. Ai gresit sectiunea.
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  8. Some people dont play Valorant to win tho, I actually enjoyed it, enjoyed all the features, some were OP but its whatever for me, I couldn't careless about the hackers since every game has hackers, i wouldn't point my finger to the moderators either because its a hard job to work with alot of people and check them for hacks. I actually enjoyed every match, I got clapped a few times but a few times I was the leader of my team which felt pretty cool. I never experienced getting the same cheater 5 times, but even if i did i'd just DC if i saw him around. (react with "hahaha" if you agree too
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