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  1. Cazador

    Let's talk about gaming

    I would like to play against those mofo’s, beat their asses on the servers until i get tired :))
  2. I am so tired, sitting here waiting if I hear one more "just be patient", it’s always gonna stay the same. So let me just give up, let me just let go, if this isn’t good for me well I don’t want to know.

  3. hurt, forced to let go.

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    2. Cazador


      the "GASHI" one? Yeah, pretty cool.

    3. Cazador
    4. None


      Have some of this lul. I'm an old fart :lol:. Man those German hair dues....dayyuummm!!!!


  4. Cazador

    Cerere Avaatar

  5. Cazador

    Cerere avatar willsmith

    150x300 nu merge
  6. Cazador

    Cerere Avatar k3Nt|HD no sound

    6 zii ca ai in comunitate. Trebuie 7. Dar ieartati o zi, ultima data !
  7. University feels good.

  8. Cazador

    Need Advice

    That’s the answer. Closed
  9. Cazador

    Introducing Cristiano

    Welcome to RANGFORT.
  10. Cazador

    Cerere Grad !

    Contra pentru acest motiv.
  11. Cazador

    Hello !

    Welcome to the community.
  12. Cazador

    Cerere Avatar # IaCuPaine

    - Textul secundar ( rangfort, wwww.rangfort.ro, nume server ) este obligatoriu !
  13. "They don’t do thier f job but they moan about the others."