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  1. ProGrameR

    cerere UP

    1. Name: ProGrameR 2. Current grade: Mod 3. The degree you want: GOD 4. STEAM ID:- 5. Hours accumulated on the server (Gametracker ? I have now +140 hours 6. Why do you want to upgrade? : To help server. 7. Link from last request: https://rangfort.ro/forum/topic/70479-cerere-helper/?tab=comments#comment-478968
  2. ProGrameR

    cerere HELPER

    1.Name: Ledi 2.nick: ProGrameR 3.ID Y! M / STEAM: - 4. Do you read the rules? :BienSur! 5.Link GameTracker: https://www.gametracker.rs/player/ 6. Why do you want admin here? : To help server and slay campers. 7. Describes your activity in the last days: 4 hours in day. 8.Admin in day or night: Day 9. Can you help the server with a donation?:Sometimes when i can.