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  1. Vreau sa lase reply aici si noii admini cum ca au luat la cunostinta The new admins also must read this and leave a reply to confirm it
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  3. Rejected. You didn t read the rules. You can make the next admin request in 7 days t/c
  4. And What I do ?

  5. Rejected. Follow the model and read the rules. T/C
  6. Accepted. Give me PM with nick and pass for ur slot.
  7. Bull.

    Cerere slot

    Acceptat,da-mi pm cu nick si pass T/C
  8. Ai primit ban pentru furt ammo. Revino cu o noua cerere de unban pe 4 Octombrie(cand va fi ammo resetat) sau dupa ce citesti regulamentul si vei incepe cu 25 ammo. https://ibb.co/LNc359S https://ibb.co/8PrgPN0 T/C
  9. ZM.RANGFORT.RO #CautamAdmini/SearchingForAdmins

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  10. *Nick-ul adminului:AllyN. *Grad vechi:Moderator *Grad nou:Remove+ban *Motivul:furt ammo,neimplicare ca admin,neserios https://ibb.co/LNc359S https://ibb.co/8PrgPN0 *Perioada sanctiunii ( dupa cat timp are voie sa faca cerere de admin : Nu mai e nevoie,succes. Eu caut admini sa aiba grija de server nu sa abuzeze de grad //De asemenea Lynch(slot) a primit remove+ban
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