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[Plugin] Hiden`n Seek SHOP v1.8

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!###! Titlu:  [Plugin] Hiden ' n Seek SHOP v.1.8

# Descriere:  Aceasta este pentru magazin de mini hide'n'seek moderni, sau puteti utiliza servere de la standart de asemenea, toate preturile de setarile de cvars
# Comenzi :  * say / hnsshop

* say / magazin
* say hnsshop

* say Magazin


Cvar-uri : Cod:

hns_shop 0/1 allows or disables hide'n'seek shop (default 1)
hns_shop_silentcost 1-16000 silent walk cost (default 4500)
hns_shop_stealthcost 1-16000 stealth suit cost (default 9500)
hns_shop_noflashcost 1-16000 noflash blinding cost (default 8000)
hns_shop_grenadecost 1-16000 hegrenade cost (default 1500)
hns_shop_hpcost 1-16000 hp cost (default 8000)
hns_shop_gravitycost 1-16000 gravity cost (default 16000)
hns_shop_armorcost 1-16000 armor cost (default 6000)

hns_shop_hpcvar 100-255 how much hp gives after buying HP in shop (default 150)
hns_shop_armorcvar 0-255 how much armor gives after buying Armor in shop (default 150)

hns_shop_allowsilent 0/1 silenţios sau a dezactiva permite plimbare de cumpărare
hns_shop_allowstealth 0/1 permite dezactivarea sau furt costum de cumpărare
hns_shop_allownoflash 0/1 dezactivaţi sau nu permite flash orbitoare de cumpărare
hns_shop_allowgrenade 0/1 permite sau de a dezactiva grenadă de cumpărare
hns_shop_allowgravity 0/1 isabel sau gravitatea permite cumpărarea
hns_shop_allowspeed 0/1 sable or allow fast speed buying
hns_shop_allowhp 0/1 isable or allow heal buying
hns_shop_allowarmor 0/1 isable or allow armor buying
hns_shop_allowgodmode 0/1 isable or allow godmode buying


Instalare: 1. Fisierul hns_shop.sma il puneti in addons/amxmodx/scripting

2. Fisierul hns_shop.amxx il puneti in addons/amxmodx/plugins
3. Intrati in fisierul addons/amxmodx/confings/plugins.ini si adaugati la urma:


# Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/kf06oqvovkjvs1v/drshop.rar

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