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Avatar/Semnatura/Logo/Banner/etc : Avatar
Tema pozei / Stock-ul dorit ( obligatoriu ) :
 I want it so, exactly as that of Julia, but with my name. The letters of my name you see ----> http://imgur.com/a/WXzRaWith this I want to be performed ----> http://imgur.com/a/ho3Hu
Text principal : cocolinO#
Text secundar ( rangfort / www.rangfort.ro / nume server ) : Zombie.Rangfort.Ro
Alte precizari : Luck 

Link de la ultima cerere : http://rangfort.ro/forum/index.php?/topic/54100-cerere-semnatura/

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- Singurele creatii ce vor fi rezolvate vor fi cele STATICE, cererile de tip .GIF NU vor fi luate in considerare.Doar membrii care fac parte din staff au dreptul sa ceara astfel de creatii.

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