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[Addons] Zm Land XP Ultimate 6.2.3


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# Titlu :[Addons] Zm Land XP Ultimate 6.2.3
# Descriere:Este un addons care nu prea se mai gaseste si se misca bine pe baza de Msql eu mam lasat de zm si am spus sa vil postez . Addons are toate bugurile rezolvate este extras direct din ftp. Bucurativa de el !
# Autor :n0talma,cristi C...
# Descarcare :http://www.girlshare.ro/3489816660
# Pluginuri :


; AMX Mod X plugins

; Admin Base - Always one has to be activated
admin.amxx        ; admin base (required for any admin-related)
;admin_sql.amxx        ; admin base - SQL version (comment admin.amxx)

; Basic
admincmd.amxx        ; basic admin console commands
adminhelp.amxx        ; help command for admin console commands
adminslots.amxx        ; slot reservation
multilingual.amxx    ; Multi-Lingual management

; Menus
;menufront.amxx        ; front-end for admin menus
;cmdmenu.amxx        ; command menu (speech, settings)
;plmenu.amxx        ; players menu (kick, ban, client cmds.)
;telemenu.amxx        ; teleport menu (Fun Module required!)
mapsmenu.amxx        ; maps menu (vote, changelevel)
;pluginmenu.amxx        ; Menus for commands/cvars organized by plugin

; Chat / Messages
adminchat.amxx        ; console chat commands
antiflood.amxx        ; prevent clients from chat-flooding the server
scrollmsg.amxx        ; displays a scrolling message
imessage.amxx        ; displays information messages
adminvote.amxx        ; vote commands

; Map related
nextmap.amxx        ; displays next map in mapcycle
mapchooser.amxx        ; allows to vote for next map
timeleft.amxx        ; displays time left on map

; Configuration
;pausecfg.amxx        ; allows to pause and unpause some plugins
;statscfg.amxx        ; allows to manage stats plugins via menu and commands

; Counter-Strike
;restmenu.amxx        ; restrict weapons menu
;statsx.amxx        ; stats on death or round end (CSX Module required!)
;miscstats.amxx        ; bunch of events announcement for Counter-Strike
;stats_logging.amxx    ; weapons stats logging (CSX Module required!)

; Enable to use AMX Mod plugins
;amxmod_compat.amxx    ; AMX Mod backwards compatibility layer

; Custom - Add 3rd party plugins here



; - Quick tips -
; * Rename this file to disabled-zplague.ini to turn the mod off
; * Rename it back to plugins-zplague.ini to turn it on
; * Put a semi-colon in front of a plugin to disable it
; * Remove a semi-colon to re-enable a plugin
; * Add the word debug after a plugin to place it in debug mode

; Main plugin
zombie_plague40.amxx debug
wpn_ethereal.amxx ;Weapon for survivor

; Default zombie classes

; Zombie Classes
; --------------
zp_zclass_radioactive.amxx ;Toxic radiation(damage on touch) -> Level 1
zp_zclass_soldier_armor.amxx ;Takes less damage(has armor) -> Level 2
zp_zclass_frozen.amxx ;Frozen zombie class(cannot be frozen) -> Level 3
zp_zclass_incinerated.amxx ;Incinerated zombie class(cannot be burned) -> Level 4
zp_zclass_crow.amxx ;Can fly -> Level 5
zp_zclass_rage.amxx ;Radioactive -> Level 6
zp_zclass_siren.amxx ;Scream Ability -> Level 7
zp_zclass_zombie_light.amxx ;Can be invsible -> Level 8
zp_zclass_heal.amxx ;Regeneration -> Level 9
zp_zclass_zombie_banshee.amxx ;Can drag humans -> Level 10
zp_zclass_zombie_stingfinger.amxx ;Attack with tentacles -> Level 11

; Human Classes
; -------------
zp_hclass_soldier.amxx ;Gets armor or health for kill. Made it separate so it can be easily disabled.
zp_hclass_biohazard.amxx ;Biohazard human class(immune to infection grenades)
zp_hclass_shield.amxx ;Plant shield force [T]

; Extra Items Human
; -----------------
zp_extra_anti_infection_armor_100.amxx ;Extra items to buy armor 100
zp_extra_anti_infection_armor_200.amxx ;Extra items to buy armor 200
;zp_extra_ion_cannon.amxx ;Extra items to buy Ion Cannon
zp_extra_unlimited_clip.amxx ;Extra items to buy unlimited clip
zp_extra_jetpack_bz_ammo.amxx ;Extra items to buy JetPack Bazooka + Ammo
zp_extra_buy_modes.amxx ;Extra items to buy special classes
;zp_extra_lasermine.amxx ;Extra items to buy lasermine
zp_extra_tryder.amxx ;Extra items to buy Tryder

; Extra Items Zombie
; ------------------
zp_extra_knife_blink.amxx ;Extra items Knife Blink
zp_extra_zspawn.amxx ;Extra items for Respawn

; Extra Items Nemesis
; -------------------
zp_extra_nemesis_scream.amxx ;Extra items to buy Nemesis Scream

; Sub-Plugins
; -----------
zp_sub_aim_info.amxx ;Show hud info about the player you are aiming on
zp_sub_anti_spec_bug.amxx ;Prevents the spectator bug. DO NOT DISABLE!
zp_sub_blood_color.amxx ;Blood color changer for zombies
zp_sub_countdown.amxx debug ;Countdown with ShakeScreen And FadeScreen
zp_sub_css_flashlight2.amxx ;Simulates CSS flashlight(adds a realistic light cone effect)
zp_sub_death_effect.amxx ;Shows an animated skull sprite in the place where a zombie dies
zp_sub_dfith.amxx ;Descriptive 'Fire in the hole!'(Fire, Frost, Light, Infection Bomb)
zp_sub_grenade_status.amxx ;Shows a nade related icon when holding it
zp_sub_human_idle_sounds.amxx ;Makes humans 'talk to eachother' and seem frightened
zp_sub_no_fall_dmg_zm.amxx ;No fall damage for zombies
zp_sub_parachute.amxx ;Free parachute for players
zp_sub_plague_fix.amxx ;Fixes survivors and nemesis not respawning on plague rounds
zp_sub_real_death.amxx ;First person death with screen fading to black effect
zp_sub_team_semiclip.amxx ;Allows players to pass through each other
zp_sub_zombie_radio.amxx ;Changes the pitch of the radio voice for zombies
zp_sub_biohazardicon.amxx ;This plugin will display a biohazard icon at the left of your screen when a new round starts. The colour will differ by round type
;zp_sub_donate_ammo_packs.amxx ;For donate ammo packs
;zp_sub_bank.amxx ;This plug-in offers the clients the possibility to save their ammo packs in a bank account and retrieve them when needed
zp_sub_loadingsound.amxx ;LoadingSound
zp_sub_human_heartbeat_sounds.amxx ;Sound Heartbeat and ShakeScreen
;zp_sub_cso_score_sisa.amxx ;Show hud score
zp_sub_knifemod.amxx ;Change knife
zp_sub_norecoil.amxx ;No-Recoil for all weapons
zp_freeze_effects.amxx ;Effect for frozen zombie
zp_freeze_block_attack.amxx ;Zombie frozen block attack/infection

; Zombie-VIP
; ----------
zm_vip.amxx ;Main plugin for ZM-VIP
zm_vip_model.amxx ;Models for vip

zm_vip_extra_goldendg.amxx ;Extra items for vip
zm_vip_extra_chainsaw.amxx ;Extra items for vip
zm_vip_extra_gc_extra_item_ng.amxx ;Extra items for vip
zm_vip_extra_plasma_rifle.amxx ;Extra items for vip
zm_vip_extra_goldenm4.amxx ;Extra items for vip
;zm_vip_extra_skull3.amxx ;Extra items for vip

zp_vip_extra_frogbomb.amxx ;Extra items for zombie vip



# Tip :Zm Land XP
# Parola Arhivei(optional):-

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