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# Titlu : COD MW4 Mod

# Descriere:

First time i made this mod, it was in
Serbian Language, and yes, i am from
Serbia. But i translated it to english.
Right now, i have two versions of this
Mod: Serbian and English. Some words
in the english mod could be wrong.
The english mod isnt working, i have
no idea why. It can compile, but it
wont show the classes.
Another Notice
Youll have to compile the plugin/mod
locally frown.gif

Classes & Items
This mod has 49 Items and 30 Classes.
17 Normal Classes
8 Premium Classes
5 Super Classes

Console Commands
(All these commands are on ADMIN_RCON)
cod_dajpredmet (id of item) - Gives you a item
cod_lvl (name of player) (level/exp) - Lvl Command. If you do it 1000+ Lvl, you will crash (i think).

In Game Commands
/klasa or /class - A menu where you can choose your class
/item or /predmet - Shows the Description of the Item you have
/description or /opis - Description of the Classes
/daj or /give - Gives the item to another selected player
/def - Buy the Defuse Kit
/shop - Opens the Shop
/izbaci or /drop - Drops the current Item

Game: Counter Strike 1.6 (Of Course)
AMXX: Version 1.8.1

1. Download the codeng.amxx or codsrb.amxx
2. Put the codeng.amxx or codsrb.amxx into the plugins folder
3. In plugins.ini type "codeng.amxx" or "codsrb.amxx"
4. Done smile.gif
Also, the codeng.amxx is English and codsrb.amxx is Serbian. (If you dident know)

Classes (Flags)
All Premium Classes - ADMIN_LEVEL_A (Flag M)
Ghost Class - ADMIN_LEVEL_B (Flag N)
Ninja Class - ADMIN_LEVEL_C (Flag O)
Commando Class - ADMIN_LEVEL_D (Flag P)
General Class - ADMIN_LEVEL_E (Flag Q)
Shepherd Class - ADMIN_LEVEL_F (Flag R)

ToDo List
1. Add more Classes and Items to the Mod
2. Fix the /restart (or /reset, i dont remember) command.

# Autor : MakiKing64
# Descarcare :

File Type: sma Get Plugin or Get Source (codsrb.sma - 2613 views - 142.4 KB)
File Type: sma Get Plugin or Get Source (codeng.sma - 2494 views - 141.9 KB

# Tip : Cod MW4 Standard
# Parola Arhivei(optional): -

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