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    English Man this footbal game play reminds me when my mom bought me and my brother our first PC. I think it was a 4x86 or 6x86 can't remember. I would skip school, steal cigarettes from my mom's purse, then play video games like the vagabond I still am to this day. Nice goal at 34:11 !!! :)) DAAYUM !!! :)) So yeah, I don't want to steal your post @Cazador but I would play Fifa 98 or some type of Fifa, can't remember which Fifa worked on the old PCs. But I had friends over as well. I will keep all my personal thoughts for my upcoming personal Gaming Journal which I will try to post in English as well. To sum it up, your Gaming Journal post is possibly the definition of how future posts must look like from other Rangfort members ! Romanian Nu stiu sa scriu in Romana lol. E greu de tradus =)). Pe scurt, postarea lui @Cazador poate fi folosita ca Model Postare pentru sectiunea Jurnaul Tau. Nu va grabiti, fiti cat se poate de sinceri si incercati sa detaliati, daca se poate, de la primul joc video care l-ati jucat pana la ultimul. Sanatate all ! PS: I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post on someone else's Gaming Journal, for future reference please let me know and let others know.
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