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  1. Pm send nick , pass Accepted T/C
  2. ples ban hacker 

    he neam is !!


  3. Accepted When requesting an slot request, you read the rules and understood that insults are forbidden This is not the first time do mistake, remove. T/c
  4. Servercs.tk: 57 Topg.org: 26 Cssetti: 77 Pserverspy: 55
  5. Accepted, send your name and password in steam T/C
  6. rejected, the model only in the English language Next?
  7. We will give you another chance.. Unban T/C
  8. We already have on, guys But we had not added it in the server ads https://discord.gg/CVZUYn
  9. I will give you another chance Make no mistake because it is last..
  10. Mero^


    Welcome my kid, have fun :)))
  11. Servercs.tk: 17 Topg.org: 15 Cssetti: 20 Pserverspy: 15
  12. Servercs.tk: 14 Topg.org: 12 Cssetti: 17 Pserverspy: 13
  13. Today is my 19th birthday
    Time is running out and I think my death is very near ☺

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Mero^


      And I will bring you flowers when you die :))))

    3. Manel


      Happy birthday 

      We can kill you if you want that :))

    4. Mero^


      Well I don't mind
      But I want you to be with me when "huh" ))

  14. best friend ever ☺

    1. Manel


      Maybe :)))

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