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  1. Mero^

    Create Admin

    You do not have time play and you have not read the rules T/C
  2. Mero^


    thanks for understanding . I'm waiting for you next week T/C
  3. Mero^


    Welcome to my Arab brother if you want to become ADMIN You need to play 20 hour and needs read Rules by here You can start a new topic after one week.
  4. Mero^

    Addons Zombie 6.3

    there are many bug delete tags.api and prochat.
  5. -

    1. Man united

      Man united

      Ignore its mistakenly texted

  6. serverecs.tk 139
  7. Mero^

    Cerere Plugin

    plugin not work adry !
  8. Very cool I am see lot of Arabs here :))

  9. serverecs.tk 134 Freakz.ro : 3
  10. Mero^


    Accepted T/C
  11. Freakz.ro : 34 ServereCs.tk : 127
  12. Mero^

    Cerere Plugin

    Nume: amx_gag by adry Versiune: The newest. Descriere detaliata:pic of plugin