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  1. Freakz.ro : 3 serverecs : 22
  2. Your active are very bad in last days Rejected
  3. Obligatiile Zilnice a Adminilor Toti adminii au obligatia de a vota zilnic serverul warn/down Toti adminii au obligatia de a juca cu numele de admin pe server ! -1 Toti admini au obligatia de a raspunde la cereri admin/up ! warn/down De astazi schimbam foaia ! Vad ca de buna voie nu face nimeni nimic. Cine nu respecta aceste obligatii v-a suporta consecintele. Pentru cei ce nu stiu unde sa voteze : Admins daily obligations All Admins are required to vote on the warn / down server daily All Admins have the obligation to play with the admin name on the server! -1 All admins have the obligation to respond to admin / up requests! warn / down From Today we are changing the sheet! I see no one is doing anything at will. Whoever does not respect these obligations will bear the consequences. For those who do not know where to vote:
  4. Mero^


    ZM 6.3 is my heart Can you change your heart :))?
  5. Mero^

    Downgrade list!

    *Nick admin: V.v B_O_S_S *The reason: abuse admin *Sanction (downgrade/remove/suspend): downgrade to slot *Period penalty (after how long is allowed to apply for admin): He will not get admin again !
  6. Mero^

    CERERE SLOT Cosmyn_pro

    I have not seen you in the server before Rejected
  7. Mero^

    Cerere Avatar

    I think my request is very difficult I'm sorry Lock.
  8. Mero^

    [admin] V.v B_O_S_S

    Accepted T/C
  9. Mero^

    Request Slot

    Let's see what you'll do... Your name and password in the message
  10. Mero^

    Upgrade list !

    *Nick admin: Danut *The reason: Active in the server and the forum and boosted server many times !
  11. Mero^

    Request Admin SaaD <3

    I don't know why you didn't read the rules 5-10 minute Anyway you can come back again with new topic next week Rejected T/C
  12. Mero^

    Cerere slot jggh

    Accepted T/C
  13. Mero^

    For VIP !

    Well I understood what you mean almost I'll do what you said BS: Next time try to speak Romanian I will understand you Google Translate like potatoes :))
  14. Mero^


    This section is zm not reddevil
  15. Freakz.ro : 16 serverecs : 18