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  1. The closest person who has always been by your side will leave you with the earliest opportunity ☺

    1. Cazador


      The reason they leave is something you did / didn't do. (yes this happens too) You should go back, check what was going on, what you missed and what you actualy said that made them feel a certain way. Sometimes we put too much effort on how we look like instead of what we should do to make them feel comfortable. I know you feel like letting everything out but sometimes its good to talk to the person and get know how they feel.

  2. Accepted send nick , pass in message
  3. I ordered some spaghetti with marinara sauce and I got egg noodles and ketchup. I'm an average nobody.

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    2. Mero^


      Damn, I started to be afraid, Life is not sex, man there are more important things

      For example, like being comfortable in your life is more important than anything.

    3. Cazador


      Im joking man, dont take things so seriosuly lol

    4. Mero^


      Bad guy :P 

      For a moment, I thought you were serious :))

  4. Thanks for your interest, try after one week ☺ T/C
  5. Mero^

    Cerere Slot CosminZ

    Accepted T/C
  6. You did not read the rules. Rejected !!!
  7. Topg.Org: 7 Gamestrackers.Ro: 43
  8. I do not like kids, I don't want see your face again. GoodBye !!!
  9. I wanna die to young 
    I know this thing is wrong 
    But am not strong 
    and the way still long
    When I Die none come to my funeral 
    Yeah I talk to you,yeah I mean you all
    am depressed and this is natural 
    None hate Mahmoud,oh that's impossible
    Nobody remember you just with phone call
    You will hate your life , when you lose your goal
    None help you , when they see you fall ☺

  10. 200423-ramadan-coronavirus-mc-8322_90f0e I like Ramadan ♥ 

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