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  1. Who are you? I am a demon with everyone and an angel to myself.

  2. Freakz.ro : 8
  3. Freakz.ro : 5
  4. Mero^

    Hello :)

    Welcome to our community ! Have a good time :)
  5. Mero^

    Admin Request hjkl-IsPrO

  6. Mero^

    [Admin] 4eVeR

    Accepted. Send nick and password.
  7. Mero^

    Cerere Moderator hjkl-IsPrO

    -> Minimum 100 forum posts. Of activity I can not say anything, you have some jobs there ... but not really, in the end The regulation states that you must have a minimum of 100 positions, do more topics in the section you want to activate there, then come back #CONTRA
  8. //RO Daca aveti o propunere care credeti ca ar ajuta serverul aici este locul. Propunerea o sa o postati in acest topic dupa urmatorul model : #Nick : #Propunere : #Cu ce ar ajuta serverul ? : #Video / Poze (optional) : ------------------------------ //ENG If you have a proposal that you think will help the server here is the place. The suggestion is to post in this topic by the following model: #Nick: #Proposal: #What would the server help? : #Video / Pictures (optional):
  9. Freakz.ro : 15
  10. Mero^

    [Admin] GreeN SmoKe

    Must complete 20 hours of play and create a new request next week !
  11. Freakz.ro : 10 ServereCs.tk : 163
  12. Mero^

    Reclamatie - Smooke WeeD Pr

    This is was my friend in real world, this is the first time he plays cs 1.6 I am the one who gave the degree and removed it. asassinul You are owner dude Do not create requests like this again And when you want to give proof, make a printscreen. A video or a print.
  13. Mero^

    ZM ♛ Boost !

    You didn't boosts dude Because the server was offline :))
  14. Mero^

    Upgrade list !

    *Nick admin: SlowPlay + MANEL. *The reason: activitate
  15. Mero^

    Cerere Slot

    * Nick: Mero^ * Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:208284117 * Varsta: 18 * Numarul orelor jucate pe SV: https://www.gametracker.com/server_info/^