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  1. Mero^

    Cerere Admin

    Currently rejected, there are some things that will change in the coming days, like banner and etc... When the server is ready, I will contact you have nice day !
  2. He says I'm scammed why ??? Why would I do that? I have been here for 4 years and no one complained about me, I do not need support from him
  3. Thank you for boosting your money that will come back to you.
  4. Who speaks to the "BAD GIRL?" I have a friend who lives in Israel. when he entered first time he loved the server so much even he gave boost 2 time , He was playing and everything was fine until you came at the server and he hated everything and left the server
  5. What about Mero , bad boys When you have my pc, you will know how to suffer
  6. The server is still new It wasn't one month since I added it in gt.rs :)))
  7. We did not copy any other servers. We just take an idea, and we share something with you, nothing more ☺ I do not have much experience with classic servers . I led more than 4 years with zombie servers . i think I really need support :))
  8. why do you think that will happen , do you not like the now server..?
  9. I added too quakesound how many people like it?
  10. I added the skins Is everything okay now?
  11. If you have pictures or link to the models you want you can leave them here and we will check them.
  12. Nobody understands Fuck off !!!

  13. The only thing that keeps me going ☻


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