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  1. Skadi

    Let's talk about gaming

    I guess it's time to replay Far Cry 5. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6jTZlsdGJys -> 29GB New HD Textures + Reshade
  2. Skadi

    Let's talk about gaming

    You can actually find R6 Siege on free weekends and sells pretty often, so you can look out for that. And about BO4, i played the game in the beta and looked like a more polished PUBG, and the game is more fast paced as well. But it's a bit expensive at 60$ if you only want to play the Blackout mode imo, the other modes are pretty bad especially the 5v5 one which is a spawn kill fest.
  3. Wash it all away, in lakes of flame.


  4. Skadi

    Let's talk about gaming

    Casual / Public servers are full of scum on CS:GO tho, so that isn't really a solution. I haven't played GO recently, but the last time i played (which was a few months ago), i played competitive without running into cheaters. Idk if i got lucky or not. If someone is looking for an alternative to CS, they should look at R6 Siege. Imo, that's the only game that comes near CS gameplay. Ubi did a lot of great things to it and turned the game from a failure to a real gem.
  5. Skadi

    Let's talk about gaming

    I finished it at last, took me way more than i expected to finish all the main quests and explore all of the map. All in all, it really was a great game and its definitely my favorite Assassin's Creed.
  6. Skadi

    Need Advice

  7. Skadi

    Let's talk about gaming

    A small update: 40 hours in, i still didn't finish the main story nor have i explored all the map.
  8. Skadi

    My Playlist

    Nimic din OST-ul lui Doom? Sunt surprins.
  9. You feel the shaking of the ground, a million candles burn around. Is it your birthday?


  10. Skadi

    Let's talk about gaming

    Yes, there are a lot of interesting upcoming games, especially CyberPunk. You should play Assassin's Creed Odyssey, it's really a great game, but you should know that there is a ton and i really mean A TON of content in that game. I played like ~15 hours and i'm not even at the middle of the story not to mention that half of the map is still unexplored. You'll get lost in quests, contracts, and a lot of other things. So regarding this game i really share your opinion, you need time to play it and properly enjoy it.
  11. Skadi

    Let's talk about gaming

    Your time will come as well :))
  12. Skadi

    Let's talk about gaming

    I'm playing Assassin's Creed Odyssey. The game is gorgeous, it's at least on par with the last one (Origins). I like how Ubisoft changed the formula from the previous games, the new RPG approach to the game is much, much better. Here are some pics i took from the game (not the best, but still) -> https://postimg.cc/gallery/2alszf4lq/
  13. Skadi

    Best Mouse for Gaming ?

    Da, fix acelasi model il am si eu, deci inclin sa cred ca ai avut ghinion cu al tau, mai ales ca si eu joc toate nebuniile de FPS-uri, Battlefield, CS, PUBG, etc. Daca as fi avut vreo problema de genul 100% as fi observat-o :)) https://imgur.com/a/kv1yWug
  14. Skadi

    Best Mouse for Gaming ?

    Eu am avut Rival 310 si pot sa iti spun ca e asemanator cu DeathAdder dar il prefer pe cel din urma, le-am avut pe amandoua si acum folosesc DeathAdder Elite. Il am de pe la inceputul anului, deci banuiesc ca tu ai avut ghinion cu al tau ca eu nu am avut nici o problema cu el. Imo DeathAdder Elite > Rival 310 / Sensei 310 ( in afara de 2 butoane in plus si 4 grame in minus sunt identice)
  15. This will never end cause I want more, more, give me more, give me more


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      Dope song. I like it :)

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