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  1. A primit remove.
  2. sTn1

    Salut , aveti nevoie de un sv de samp in comunitate?

  3. Seen my bitch broke bad, I ain't had a heart

    1. Cazador


      'Cause somebody gon' die if they fuck with us
      Turn a five to a dime, that's a double up
      Fuck around, walk through church with my double cup
      This shit a habit, I'm prayin' I give it up

  4. Ai gresit categoria.
  5. Skadi

    [Moderator] whOo

  6. Acceptat, trimite-mi pm cu parola.
  7. Acceptat, lasa-mi pm cu parola.
  8. sal man daca ai aces la cs.rangfort.ro dai si tu restart a pixxxcat

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