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  1. Skadi

    Cerere designer

    You still have a lot to learn, rejected.
  2. Skadi

    [ArtWork] {SOSOA^_^}

    Almost all of your pictures had the name of another community on them. I edited all of your posts here, next time be careful what you post.
  3. Skadi

    Cerere Moderator

    Respins, 0 activitate.
  4. Skadi

    [Cerere Canal] CS.RANGFORT.RO

    Canal creat. Pentru gradul de fondator lasa mesaj unui Admin / Moderator cand esti pe TS.
  5. Skadi

    blabla's Gaming

    Next level tactics :))
  6. Skadi

    Nedumerit in legatura cu Memoria ram.

    Da, trebuie sa fie identica cu memoria care o ai deja. Chiar daca iei o memorie de la alt brand cu specificatii identice (DDR, Frecventa, CL) tot este posibil sa apara probleme.
  7. Skadi

    Cerere Avatar

    Locked, you are restricted from making requests until 10/12
  8. Skadi

    blabla's Gaming

    Nightmare fuel, nu-i asa? @blabla :))
  9. Skadi

    [DEALS] - Free Game For Steam

    E doar prologue / tutorialul, nu tot jocul.
  10. Am i to wonder like a wayward son? Will the hunter be hunted.. by the smoking gun? 


    1. Cazador


      Amiiiiid. Amidst a clash of worlds?

  11. Am schimbat numele in dns-u dorit!

  12. Skadi

    Cerere designer

    Rejected, you have to improve if you want to be a designer.
  13. Skadi

    Cerere Moderator - BAN$!.

    Rejected, don't come back with another request.
  14. Skadi

    Cerere Moderator

  15. Skadi

    Cerere Mod

    Rejected, come back with a request after you have some activity.