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  1. a bitch like me gone thug it out by any means necessary

  2. wth is wrong with italia's internet connection

  3. Nobody I've seen here doesn't join when I want to so its kinda boring tho
  4. I am guessing this is the free section. I cannot join. It says I need a password. What password do I need ?
  5. my range is 25-35, below or above its a no-no ☺️

  6. Nick : Stella Your name: Stella Age : 19 City: Milano Country: Italy (for the moment stuck here) Occupation: uni Favorite games: not a single game has won my heart Hobbies: going on trips Short description about yourself: I find it hard to trust people, kinda jealous and if you try to play games you'll get blocked How did you find out about Rangfort Community?: played on respawn, guide me to other servers if you want (tho my internet is kinda bad here in italia lol) Friends in the community: no, nobody opened their arms yet Picture (not mandatory) : You can check it yourself on my profile Closing phrase : You get in life what you have the courage to ask for.
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