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My Presentation BlackPearl


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Nick : BlackPearl
    Your name: Marius
    Age : 25
    City: Bacau

Country: Romania 
    Occupation: I`m working on industry as a meccanic 
Favorite games: There are alot of them like FPS , MMORPG , Sports
    Hobbies:  Web developer , PHP Creator also HTML writter.
   Short description about yourself: I`m quite helpfull if i can help on the things you need
    How did you found out about Rangfort Community?: Trough my friend who have a server on this community
  Friends in the community: SkyNet , adry , Vallentin , Sometimes , db-M and more of them.
 Picture (not mandatory) : Sorry but i dont publish pics with myself
    Closing phrase : Work hard to become the best [RF] FTW.

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