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What is your opinion?


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Hello everyone i`m starting this topic to ask your opinions regardless games & our community.

What you think about MMORPG Games?

How much  do you like MMORPG Games?

Did you ever played any kinda of MMORPG Game ? ( If yes mention some )

How much do you like RangFort Community ?

What changes do you think will be good to make to have a better community and active members ?


Well since this is General Discussion we can talk about what ever we like to talk about.

Feel free to answer at the questions do you like more.



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1.MMORPG is my top type of games,i don't really like the other types only strategy and maybe some fps but i only play cs as a fps game :))

2.As i said mmorpg games are my top games so i like them very much :D i sometimes spend 10 hours per day only at one mmorpg game.

3.Yeap a lot of them online:DragonNest,Terra,Aion,WorldOfWarcraft, eldevin,wizard101,the secret world,final fantasy XIV,Lord of the rings online,path of exile,aura kingdom,archeage,archlord 1 and 2,SMITE,hellgate,  i finished almosta ll of them except some that i did not liked and played just 1-2 weeks.I know i should talk only about MMORPG games but i just can't ignore some rpg games like:Gothic 2 and 3,Assassins creed 1,2,3 and 4,Darksiders 1 and 2,Skyrim(the elder scrols V),god of war 1,2and 3(i hope the PS games counts to by the way thios game is really badass),soul calibur 3 and 4,far cry 3,Boorderlands 1 and 2,and devil may cry 3,4 :D all of them ar my fav games and i finished each one of them,

4.I love rangfort comunity i met a lot of friendship people here and i hope they will become my friends sooner or later hehe :)

5.I don't think this comunity need any changes i like it as it is now,and to have more active players well.... i think it's all about the temperament of  the other people, i mean if you enter in a comunity where every day someone is fighting on chat then u start to get kinda pushed out of the comunity :D.

Hmmm any other last words.... good luck everyone and may the God bless you and your succesors laxus love yah all <3 i hope this part of forum will start to become more active as soon as possible.

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1. I don't know...

2. I don't know...

3. I don't know...

4. Very much!

5. I want more giveaways! with CS:GO! :X

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Laxus you just made my day .... i mean i love to play MMORPG games i was also developer of one of them , kinda developer i was more php scripts maker , writter and website`s designer , must of it i`ve been playing those games:

  • Shaiya - Since 2007
  • Aion - Well i didnt played too much but soon i will start with it again
  • Forsaken World - Quite nice game but is way to many things to do on it so i quited

Other than those some friends called me on Terra Online and some more games but right now i dont feel like starting an new game to play i want to do my job on RangFort very well so i dedicate my whole time arround here.

I wish you all Happy New 2015 Year :)

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