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Lord Cepelin.

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Nume : Joca Cucic
Nick : Lara BDFE
Vârstă : 19 Years old.
Motiv : Want help to new membru of communty.
Adresa de contact : www.Facebook.com/Coneter.Codat or here in PM.
Timp alocat forumului : 2-3 Hours in day.

Ce secţiuni doreşti să moderezi?- International Forum.
De ce ai ales aceste sectiuni? Like what i say.. i Want help to new Membru in Community.
De ce doreşti să moderezi în această comunitate? - I have here so much time in comunty , and like what i say 2 time , want help to communty.
Ai mai moderat pe IPB? Yes.

Ce înţelegi prin "Post hunt"? Posthunt refers to several posts, just for the sake of increasing the number of posts.
Ce înţelegi prin "Dublu post"? When someone replic 2 time in one topic

Ce înseamnă "Warez"? - Piraterie.

Ce înseamnă "NSFW"? - Not safe for Work. +18
Care este diferenţa dintre post hunt şi off-topic? off topic - Deviation from the topic , post hunt , like what i say.
Ce planuri ai ca să sporeşti activitatea membrilor în secţiunile pe care doreşti să le moderezi ? I'd like to help communty, plus I have a few friends who have CS server, maybe I'll talked to them about RangFort.
Ai citit regulamentul forumului ? Yes.



Sorry about my "English" .. i know , is bad :) And sry about worn pont's .. idk how and when this will be deleted -_-:)

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# Contra

[-*-] You should know English very well , Which you don't.

[-*-] You don't have activity. 

[-*-] Me and Chris are taking care of The International Forum. [ We don't need any help. ]


I advice you to go to another section and have activity there first. 


P.S :- Take it seriously, It's not a game.

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