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Cadou Iulia


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  • Nick`ul tau : Denisa
  • Nick`ul celui care ii faci cadoul : Iulia
  • Cadoul (Avatarul/Semnatura) : Grade.

Imi pare rau pentru intarziere , daca mai vrei sa modific ceva imi dai pm.

Set 1:                                                                                                       Set 2:

DqdRNEs.png                  t9wzwno.png

zj7kNys.png                   wSpdRMO.png

uaWvZjq.png                    6TuyxRU.png

Rb8IS0n.png                     ThvH7mu.png

vK4CaGR.png                      Z6u562X.png

DPcJZSe.png                       Yx6Dpwc.png

TCAzdgo.png                       LiqxvtF.png

mIQAE13.png                        3L7tjB9.png

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