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  1. Yumi Return.


    1.Nick K10 2.The reason for absence? Faculty 3.How much time you will be absent? Idk now. But will play in the nights 4.Other details I will come back.
  2. Yumi Return.

    cerere admins

    Read rules.
  3. Yumi Return.

    Report PhilippPlein

    If he insults someone, do not kick him. Report it
  4. Yumi Return.

    Slot or Helper

  5. Yumi Return.

    Cerere UP

    pro up
  6. Yumi Return.

    Schimbare nick.

    Because the times I played with yumigod, he never respected the rules in the game.
  7. Yumi Return.

    Schimbare nick.

    Contra for me.
  8. Yumi Return.

    cerere UP

  9. Yumi Return.

    upgrade to mod

    Contra, low activity.
  10. Yumi Return.

    Remove Favelas

    Remove this kid. On this server it is forbidden to ask wg. Another thing, he believes that because he donated to be an administrator, he believes he can do what he wants, and that's the way things do not work. https://i.postimg.cc/Yqx3TYMB/Captura-de-pantalla-155.png
  11. Yumi Return.

    Cereri slot

    Pro, welcome back
  12. Yumi Return.

    Slot or Helper

  13. Yumi Return.

    Remove ugc

  14. Yumi Return.

    Cerere HELPER

    Pro slot, step by step.
  15. Yumi Return.

    reclamatie Zabana

    Pro, you can not slay a terrorist, unless he is afk.