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  1. Yumi Return.

    I dont know

    This is the Model slot request: 1.Name: Example 2.nick: Alt nick 3.Link Gametracker: https://www.gametracker.com/server_info/ 4.Have you read the rules ?: Yes and i'll respect them. 5. ID Y!M / STEAM : ---
  2. Yumi Return.

    Careri upgrade!

    Contra, you do not arrive at 50 hours.
  3. Yumi Return.

    admin slot

    Contra, read the rules
  4. Yumi Return.


  5. Yumi Return.

    reclamati admin

    So can I say that you have hacks, without showing any proof?
  6. Yumi Return.

    reclamati admin

    I have proofs
  7. Yumi Return.

    reclamati admin

  8. Yumi Return.

    reclamati admin

    Just, tell me, who is the afk
  9. Yumi Return.

    reclamati admin

    Tell me who is really the afk
  10. Yumi Return.

    reclamati admin

    Contra =]
  11. Yumi Return.


    1. Name: K10 2. Current grade: Helper 3. The degree you want: MOD 4. STEAM ID: - 5. Hours accumulated on the server (Gametracker ): https://www.gametracker.com/player/K10/ 6. Why do you want to upgrade? : Ban hackers. 7. Link from last request: Mi last request deleted when the forum upgrate.
  12. Yumi Return.

    cerere upgrade

    Contra, you need +500 hours for co-owner. Increase your hours and make a new up request. (you good admin)
  13. Yumi Return.

    Report QwiTeLYy

    Your Nick: K10 The complainant's nick: QwiTeLYy Date and time : now Reason for complaint: Use comands on admin. Proof (accept only print to console / demo /snapshot): Other: remove
  14. Yumi Return.

    Cerere Upgrade

    Contra, you need +500 hours. And this is not reason for up. Increase your hours for up.
  15. Yumi Return.

    Cerere admin

    Pro helper.