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  1. Rn i dont have W: i didnt lose my Virginity cause i never lose
  2. TMT

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    @Cioara^Africana sorry i couldnt write [jRF] it just didnt fit there
  3. TMT

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  4. 1. Black squad 2. Cs 1.6 ♡ legendary game 3. PUBG Wbu?
  5. Nick-ul celui provocat : @Denisa @eL DrAg0 @BlackPearl @Cazador @TMT Text Principal : Battle Text secundar[Rangfort.Ro/www.rangfort.ro/Rangfort] : rangfort Cu cine veti colabora pentru trimiterea creatiilor : @blabla Dimensiuni : 150x250 Tip ( avatar / semnatura / logo / banner etc. ) : avatar Tema: Finalizare(voturi): 7 Alte aspecte: -
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    Inactive T/C
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    How many of you know English ?!

    Well of course i can speak english and i hope to get along with you guys :):)
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    you have choice T/C
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    Cadou primit
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    Nick`ul tau : TMT Nick`ul celui care ii faci cadoul : @Skadi Cadoul (Avatarul/Semnatura) :
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    xxx do you guys like my new works?