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  1. FloriNNNescu

    Cerere UnBan.

    Respins T.C!
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    [Portofoliu] BlackPearl

    interesante lucrari...
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    [Cerere Admin] Lucas l Sound On

    Acceptat admin in probe..astept PM in privat! T.C
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    Acl.Rangfort.ro -30 Admine free

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    Cerere admin Uffe

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    Cerere Admin

    Acceptat admin in probe! datele in privat ! T.C!
  7. FloriNNNescu

    Cerere UnBan.

    adminu cu pricina varinta?..
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    Unban acceptat astept datele in privat cu steam id plus ip T.C !
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    Reclamatie IaCuPaine

    T.C !
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    Cerere unban Uffe

    Acceptat lasa in privat steam ip si ip T.C !
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    Cerere Admin I'M CHILLING

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    [Slot] Lucas l Sound On

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    unban wtk#

    nu dovada/nu poze... banul ramane . T.C !
  14. FloriNNNescu

    Cerere unban Uffe

    asteptam si varianta dminului in cauza..