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  1. Cord


    Motivul pentru care nu incerc sa fac amx_ban-ul pentru gradul helper este ca asteptam sa apara o noua versiune de advancedban, in caz ca nu apare o sa gasim o noua modalitate. Si cu astea fiind spuse asteptam sa vedem daca apare sau nu.
  2. Cord

    cerere SLOT

    Acceptat . PM NICK & PW.   T/C
  3. Cord

    Banned befor sending wg

    Too much arrogance that's founded on you, and that's since you appeared on the server,However I check the WG I find / boost.cfg / fr.cfg / DL.cfg , where those come from? There is no need to continue with anything, so be banned ! T,C
  4. Cord


    I'm waiting proofs both of them you banned , you have 24hours
  5. Cord


    Rejected. Read the rule and return with another request within 7 days. @lock
  6. Cord

    Cerere Admin BAN$!

    Rejected. Read the rules and return with another request within 7 days. @lock
  7. Cord


    -1 T/c
  8. Cord

    Reclama Manel

  9. Cord

    Report Lebron.

    Avertisment abood/ lebron Next time be more careful T,C
  10. Cord


    Mama , e greu sa folosiți amx_banip / amx_banmenu ? Nu înțeleg ce îs cu propunerile astea de copii?
  11. Cord

    Problema shop

    rezolvat, se poate da T/C
  12. Cord

    Cerere Upgrade

    Since we need active admins, I will accept. But if you do not increase your activity in a 7-day period, you will be down without any discussion.
  13. Cord

    Reclamatie FLEN

    Au trecut 20h de cand reclamatia este deschisa .A avut timp sa raspunda. Removed. Un admin sa ii dea unban Locked.
  14. Cord


    "You have a problem." I think you doesn't know how to make a demo , however , what is this new hack or something ? " "money and bambs? " and where proofs Or just do what you like?,I don't understand maybe you deserved when fps#osd Removed you, if the player has a Aim or wall hack and everything is solved you in server you must add you're proofs here in 1 topic and replay in the same topic not every ban given "start new topic", I will give you -1 next if I see like this happened you will be removed without discission! Give him Unban . Tc.