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  1. Cord

    Report BMW.

    Edit@ I'm checking logo's , 7even was defusing the bomb and BMW was waiting you for defusing it ,and when you done defusing it and win the rund he kill you immediately , but you kicked him for that's so -1 both you and bmw for using command L 12/13/2018 - 12:11:13: [admincmd.amxx] Kick: "7eveN<3246><STEAM_ID_LAN><>" kick "bmw<3260><STEAM_1:0:654329463><>" (reason "") Closed
  2. Cord

    Reclamatie [TaRbacy]

    Reclamatie acceptata, -2
  3. Cord

    Report BMW.

    Accepted the report , The admin in report has been Removed T/C.
  4. Cord

    Create slot

    Rejected. read the rules
  5. Cord

    creier admin

    Rejected. t/c
  6. Cord

    creier admin

    Rejected. T/C
  7. Cord

    Admin Request SmQ

    Acceptat ca helper. Pm cu nick + pass. T/C.
  8. Cord


    Rejected. Read the rules
  9. Cord


  10. Cord

    crei admin helpr

    Rejected, read rules
  11. Cord

    cerere SLOT

    RESPINS t/c
  12. Cord

    Cerere admin

    you must explain to him how request and model's for slot not loughing you can follow the model of cereri slot here click respins.