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  1. Cord

    cerere helper

    Rejected. T/c
  2. What's up, As you've probably see that there were more problems has come "changing ip /host" but the server will be moved back to the old ip "" This move means changing made to the server (new admins, new addons, new prices, assistance,any problems,) we have reached the end, but you can stay on the rangfort.ro forum, no change is required from this point of view. , so please all admins give a new password with nick to me too get the grad back. You have to reply with "yes I sent " You have 7 days to give your new password or you will not get your grad back,All who send pm will ask you to use the following model. To check if you really have a forum account. Name: Grad: Old Password: New password:
  3. Cord

    [Furien] Cerere ADMIN

    [success]Respins ! Nu ai citit regulamentul + că ai mai făcut şi pe gherla. T/c
  4. You Are the Best

  5. Cord

    Cerere Admin Catalin

    Respins T/c
  6. Cord

    [BATTLE] Denisa & Cazador & TMT

    Votez A efecte +textul care se potriveste bine cu imaginea
  7. Cord

    raport You

    Removed. Lock.
  8. server not responding :/

  9. Plz make me slot :)

    1. Best^


      Click here and make request

    2. almi mandri

      almi mandri

      i make request and i make 20hours for slot :)

  10. Cord

    Carere unban

    Unbanned T/c
  11. Cord

    Cerere Upgrade

    Rejected . Closed